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The Summerhays Lecture Series

Fall 2016 Summerhays Lecture
Professor Steven Peck, BYU Department of Biology was the featured speaker for the Summerhays lecture on science and religion.  His lecture, titled “Evolving Faith: Putting Evolution in an LDS Context,” was presented on Thursday, September 22, 2016, at 6:00 p.m., in the Varsity Theatre. Peck is the author of Evolving Faith, a collection of technical, personal, sometimes whimsical essays about Mormon theology, evolution, human consciousness, the environment, sacred spaces, and more.

Click here to view the Fall 2016 Summerhays lecture. Click here to view the last Summerhays lecture presented in March 2016  by Brother Guy Consolmagno, Director of the Vatican Observatory.

What is the Summerhays Lecture?
The Summerhays Lecture series, sponsored by the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, aims to highlight areas of agreement between science and religion, and to give scholars of faith an opportunity to advance faith-promoting views. All of the presenters are scholars at the top of their fields as well as unapologetic about their religious beliefs.