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Abstract by Diana Saavedra Nova

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Diana Saavedra Nova

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Merritt Andrus
Ben Rencher
Paul Joshua Hurst

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Merritt Andrus


Total Synthesis of the Anticancer Agent Deoxypodophyllotoxin (DPT) and Antiviral F4-4


Natural products have been the source for finding safer and effective drugs for diverse pathologies. This research focuses on the total synthesis of two related natural occurring compounds with anticancer and antiviral activities. DPT, extracted from the plant A. sylvestris, has potent anticancer and antitumor activity, less toxic effect than FDA approved drugs, and better binding activity. F4-4 a related unpublished compound isolated by Dr. Rex Cates (BYU Biology) has potent antiviral activity against herpes 1, 2 and zostera virus. Because both F4-4 and DPT are scarce in natural sources, synthetic means are necessary. Our objective is to provide a synthetic route to produce F4-4 and DPT which will facilitate research and applications in cancer and herpes treatment. We have finished the racemic synthesis of DPT and currently working on asymmetric DPT and F4-4.