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Abstract by Jenna Lambourne

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Jenna Lambourne


Cory Ortiz

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Gilbert Fellingham


BYU Women\'s Basketball: Offensive Effectiveness in Using the Shot Clock Wisely


Statisticians use sports analytics to identify trends that lead to success or failure of players and teams. Professional sports teams are incorporating analytic departments or experts into their organizations to gain a competitive advantage. With access to big data, statisticians can help coaches apply better decision-making based on their analyses from the data. Basketball is one of the first examples of how sports analytics has improved the way the game is played and how player performance can be measured. As we worked with the BYU Women’s Basketball team, we, along with the coaches, were interested in seeing how the time taken to score affects points per possession. This can help the coaches evaluate offensive effectiveness in using the shot clock wisely. The trend we expect to see in points per possession versus time taken to score would stay evenly distributed from the start of the clock to about ten seconds left, and then it would exponentially decrease. However, as we have progressed in our research throughout the season, we have found that the team’s data do not always follow this trend.