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Abstract by Jane Linn

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Jane Linn


Jasmyne Carson

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Computer Science

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Eric Mercer


Using Coverage to Quantify Test Effort of Mulit-agent Systems


Models are frequently used to represent complex systems in order to test the systems before they are deployed. Some of the most complicated models are those that represent multi-agent systems (MAS), where there are multiple decision makers. MAS models often have workframes that change the state of the system, communication activities that coordinate information between agents, and the behavior of the system often depends on the schedule in the runtime since many agents operate concurrently. Software often uses coverage requirements to quantify the test effort, but MAS models do not have a straightforward parallel for coverage. We define a coverage metric that can help control the decisions made in simulation to better cover the test space. The coverage metric we explore is a list of several requirements including workframe, communication, and schedule coverage.