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Abstract by Samuel Giraud-Carrier

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Samuel Giraud-Carrier

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Computer Science

Faculty Advisor

Seth Holladay


Dynamic Culling of Particles in Granular Material Simulation


3MT - Simulating granular materials is common in computer animation. However, sometimes the scale of the simulation proves to be a limitation to the accuracy of the simulation. Actually rendering every grain of sand on a beach is not feasible due to the sheer number of granules to be simulated. Often a user needs to manually carve out the portion that will be simulated, which may lead to a less accurate simulation. We propose a method that allows the simulation of very large numbers of particles by culling away granules beneath the visible surface and dynamically replacing them in response to collisions. Rather than manually selecting which portions of the material should move, our method automatically generates particles at points of interaction within the simulation while keeping the particle count low in order to achieve more accurate visual representation of granular materials with lower computational cost.