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Abstract by Yu Cai

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Yu Cai

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Steven Castle


Progress towards the total synthesis of Yaku\'amide A


The synthetic progress towards yaku’amide A, which is a natural medium-sized peptide with potent anticancer acitivties and unique mode of action, will be described. New synthetic methodologies were developed in the course of the study. Base-free regioselective aminohydroxylation is effective to deliver β-tert- hydroxyamino acids. A sequence consisting of alkylative esterification, Martin sulfurane mediated anti dehydration, and a tandem azide reduction–O→N acyl transfer allows rapid access to E- and Z-dehydroisoleucine-containing peptides from β-tert-hydroxyisoleucine derivatives. These methods should also be applicable to the construction of other complicated natural peptides. The synthesis of yaku'amide A should be completed soon based on our developed synthetic methods.