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Abstract by Alan Filoteo

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Alan Filoteo

Degree Level


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Computer Science

Faculty Advisor

R. Brent Adams


Lighting, Rendering and Compositing for Animation


The objective of my research was to assist with the production of quality, artistic lighting, optimizing renders, and final compositing for the BYU Animated Short Taijitu.  During the course of a year I assisted with these steps towards the final stages of production.  I have learned how to apply film industry standards to a student project, reached out to mentors so we can get better looking shots and helped with creating a light rig specific for our film where there are moving lights, shadows, characters and cameras.  In rendering I assisted with optimizing render layers.  In compositing I helped with color correction, rotoscoping, apply ambient effects etc.  I have met these objectives completely and even spent 70+ hours a week apply all this.  Many long nights were necessary to acheive my objectives.