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Abstract by Emily Burrell

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Emily Burrell

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Jaron Hansen


Investigation of Particle Formation Initiated by the Complexation of Trimethylamine-Hydroperoxy Radical with Water


Exposure to high concentrations of particulate matter has been linked to an increase in asthma, heart problems and death. This link has increased the importance of understanding particle formation and its role in the atmosphere. Research has shown that measured particle concentrations are larger than modeled concentrations in the atmosphere. This discrepancy is caused by unknown mechanisms that lead to particle formation. The accepted mechanism for particle formation is classical nucleation theory (CNT). The first step in forming a particle according to CNT is agglomeration of molecules around a nucleating seed. CNT commonly uses sulfuric acid and ions as nucleating seeds but ignores the role of radicals in particle formation. Recent studies have shown increased particle formation via ions and neutral molecules with the addition of amines to the reaction mixture. We investigated the reaction of HO2 with different amines and water. Our results show the stabilizing effect of amines in particle formation. These results suggest that the reaction between HO2 and amines in the presence of water may serve as a viable mechanism for particle formation in the atmosphere