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Abstract by Joslyn Bassett

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Joslyn Bassett

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Jacob Shaner

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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David Dearden


Determining the effect of a Second Excitation Frequency in Multi-CRAFTI


“CRAFTI” or, “cross sectional areas by Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry”, is a developing analytical technique to characterize the size and conformation of molecules. It utilizes the FTICR instrument to conveniently make precise measurements based on the signal decay as the molecule in question collides with neutral argon. Multi-CRAFTI is based on the same principle, except we determine cross sections of multiple molecules at one time. Currenty we are performing Multi-CRAFTI experiments to study the effects of a second excite on the cross section measured for an ion of interest. This involves colliding Ar+ ions with an Ar neutral background gas. We excite the Ar+ ions for CRAFTI and have a second excitation frequency present at a known offset from the Ar+ ion resonant frequency. We then vary the offset of the second excite to see how it affects the cross section measured for the Ar+ ions. These experiments will enable us to refine our understanding or the Multi-CRAFTI technique.