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Abstract by Jacob Shaner

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Jacob Shaner

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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David Dearden


Refining the accuracy of LIPS readings for FTICR mass spectrometers


Mass spectroscopy enables the detailed study of atomic and molecular level events crucial for advanced technology and modern medicine. These experiments are often limited in accuracy by pressure measurements. FTICR cells possess a strong magnetic field. Traditionally, pressure is determined by an instrument placed outside the magnetic field of the cell. This distance creates inaccurate data since the measured pressure is taken several meters away from the cell. To solve this dilemma, we developed a new method to determine pressure within FTICR mass spectrometers. Referred to as “LIPS” or “linewidth pressure measurement”, this method allows accurate calculation of the pressure directly within the cell. However, data suggests that at higher pressures it becomes inaccurate. We varied the concentration of the neutral gas, Ar, and the acceleration of its corresponding ion, Ar+, to determine when pressure measurements from LIPS become inaccurate. This allows us to obtain increasingly accurate readings from experiments done in FTICR cells.