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Abstract by Parker Salmans

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Parker Salmans

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Nicholas Ellsworth
Tyler Westover
Junming Diao
Robert Davis
Karl Warnick
Jeremy Johnson

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Jeremy Johnson


Carrier Multiplication in GaAs via Frequency-Specific THz Electric Field Enhancement


High-field, frequency-dependent THz induced carrier multiplication in semi-insulating GaAs was observed. Arrays of split ring resonators meta-material structures with different sizes provide local resonant enhancement of the electric field at specific THz frequencies. We irradiate samples with intense THz pulses, and the enhanced electric field leads to carrier multiplication.  Analysis of the carrier multiplication helps us evaluate the critical field of GaAs, which is a crucial component in the operation of many semiconductor devices.  This is the first measurement of the frequency dependence of the critical field of any semiconductor in the THz frequency range.