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Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #1

Chair: Earl Woolley
Judge: Paul Farnsworth
Judge: Steven Goates
Location: JKB 1002
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMMichael BeauchampAdam Woolley
Microchip electrophoresis separation of pre-term birth biomarkers in a 3D printed device
08:30 AMWade EllisPaul Farnsworth
Rapid Solid Metal Elemental Analysis using Ambient Plasma Discharges
08:45 AMJongsu ChoiKenneth Christensen
Improvement of the glucose FRET sensor in Trypanosoma brucei using brighter fluorescence protein variants and codon optimization
09:00 AMAnna V NielsenAdam Woolley
Microchip Electrophoresis of Preterm Birth Biomarkers
09:15 AMShiladitya ChatterjeeMatthew Linford
Direct Analysis of Hyperspectral Images (DAHI)
09:30 AMMukul SonkerAdam Woolley
Electrokinetically Operated Integrated Microfluidic Platform for Immunoaffinity Extraction and Electrophoresis of Preterm Birth Biomarkers
09:45 AMThy TruongMilt Lee
Optimizing LED-based UV Absorption Detectors for On-column Capillary Liquid Chromatography
10:00 AMEmily BurrellJaron Hansen
Investigation of Particle Formation Initiated by the Complexation of Trimethylamine-Hydroperoxy Radical with Water

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #2

Chair: Steven Goates
Judge: Matt Linford
Judge: Vishal Sahore
Location: JKB 1002
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMNathan HumphriesAdam Woolley
Selective Binding of 3-Dimensional DNA Origami to Patterned Gold Surfaces.
10:45 AMNitish BhardwajJaron Hansen
Analysis and characterization of PM 2.5 using GC-MS OAM and ToF-SIMS.
11:00 AMJessica LarsenPaul Farnsworth
Ion Transport and Beam Formation in a Commercial ICP-MS
11:15 AMChelsea BroadbentSteven Goates
Supersonic Jet Spectroscopy for the Analysis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
11:30 AMBrian PeineAdam Woolley
Labeling Efficiency in Rapid Bacterial Detection
11:45 AMDevon OversonJaron Hansen
Characterization of Particulate Matter using the GS-MS Organic Aerosol Monitor
12:00 PMDaniel ThurstonPaul Farnsworth
Using Absorption and Emission Imaging to Measure the Spatial Distribution of Key Excited Species in a Dielectric Barrier Discharge
12:15 PMGreg FelstedSteven Goates
Thermal Gradient Coupling to Solvating Gas Chromatography

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #3

Chair: James Patterson
Judge: Matt Linford
Judge: Jeremy Johnson
Location: JKB 1004
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMBrittany EnglandJeremy Johnson
Colorful Measurements of Phonon-Polariton Dispersion
08:30 AMNathan WohlgemuthDaniel Ess
Development and Application of a Quasiclassical Molecular Dynamics Program (DynSuite)
08:45 AMKaylee JohnsonJames Patterson
Nondestructive Testing of Aluminum
09:00 AMNicholas EllsworthJeremy Johnson
Optical Fiber Based Single-shot Ultrafast Spectroscopy
09:15 AMYING ZHANGBrian Woodfield
Determining the Local Structure and Phase Evolution of Mesoporous Gamma Alumina Using Pair Distribution Function (PDF) Analysis
09:30 AMJIEWEN SHENDavid Dearden
Structures and Characteristics of Cucurbit[5]uril and Substituted Cucurbit[5]uril Complexes Containing Halide Anions
09:45 AMParker SalmansJeremy Johnson
Carrier Multiplication in GaAs via Frequency-Specific THz Electric Field Enhancement
10:00 AMRyan CarlsenDaniel Ess
DFT and Direct Dynamics of Cyclopentadiene-Tetrafluoroethylene Cycloaddition

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #4

Chair: Rebecca Sansom
Judge: Jaron Hansen
Judge: David Dearden
Location: JKB 1004
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMChristopher BiggsKenneth Christensen
Optimized ratiometric glucose biosensor in Trypanosoma brucei
10:45 AMEllen ParkerAdam Woolley
Affinity Monoliths in 3D Printed Microfluidic Devices for the Analysis of Preterm Birth Biomarkers
11:00 AMJacob B. NielsenAdam Woolley
Analyzing the Formation of Thrombin-antithrombin Complex using Capillary Electrophoresis
11:15 AMCharles SherrillJaron Hansen
Bacterial Pretreatment for Anaerobic Digestion
11:30 AMCameron DahlquistMatthew Linford
Temperature-resolved ToF-SIMS of Display Glass Surfaces
11:45 AMJacob DenningMatthew Linford
Trends in Advanced X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) Instrumentation
12:00 PMCollin StocksdaleJaron Hansen
Pretreatment of Lignocellulose with Caldicellulosiruptor bescii
12:15 PMKatherine CollinsRebecca Sansom
Assessment of reasoning strategies used by undergraduate chemistry students when interpreting experimental observations

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #5

Chair: Randy Shirts
Judge: Jaron Hansen
Judge: Matt Asplund
Location: JKB 1006
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMLily-Anne HamillDaniel Ess
Development and Application of Minimum Energy Crossing Point Software for Organometallic Reactions
08:30 AMJason CalvinBrian Woodfield
Heat Capacity of Amorphous Silicon Films
08:45 AMCaleb EttingerDaniel Austin
Visualizing Bacteria Entering a Vacuum
09:00 AMClayton MossJeremy Johnson
09:15 AMJoslyn BassettDavid Dearden
Determining the effect of a Second Excitation Frequency in Multi-CRAFTI
09:30 AMShawn AverettJames Patterson
Surface Response of High Density Polyethylene to Mechanical Deformation
09:45 AMTanner HardyJeremy Johnson
The effect of THz generation sources on the excitation of ferroelectric soft modes
10:00 AMIsabella JamesJohn Price
Desorption Electrospray Ionization mass spectrometry imaging of lipid metabolism in Alzheimer’s disease

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #6

Chair: Matt Asplund
Judge: James Patterson
Judge: Daniel Mortensen
Location: JKB 1006
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMJiuzhi GaoDaniel Austin
Opposite polarity electrical charge on electrosprayed bacterial spores: implications for electrospray mechanism
10:45 AMJacob ShanerDavid Dearden
Refining the accuracy of LIPS readings for FTICR mass spectrometers
11:00 AMMegan AsplundBrian Woodfield
Configurational Entropy of Mixing of Cobalt Iron Oxides and Manganese Iron Oxides
11:15 AMScott SmithJames Patterson
Nondestructive Testing with Second Harmonic Generation
11:30 AMLarry HekiJeremy Johnson
Organic Crystals for Terahertz Generation
11:45 AMAlexa UrreaJeremy Johnson
Broadband THz Electric Field Enhancement with Fractal Antennas
12:00 PMCourtney JohnsonJeremy Johnson
Terahertz Measurements to Explore Anharmonic Vibrational Coupling in TeO2
12:15 PMBradley NaylorJohn Price
Creation of Software to Perform Kinetic Proteomics in Human Subjects

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #7

Chair: Roger Harrison
Judge: Daniel Ess
Judge: Stacey Smith
Location: JKB 1008
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMChristine Anh Nguyen-SorensonKara Stowers
Methanol Synthesis Indirectly from Olefins and Carbon Dioxide
08:30 AMClinton KingDaniel Ess
Arene C–H Functionalization by p-Block Metal Tl(III) Occurs at the Borderline of C–H Activation and Electron Transfer
08:45 AMJonathan LynchRoger Harrison
Divalent copper complexes as Influenza A inhibitors
09:00 AMZHENG ZHOUKara Stowers
Stability and efficiency of CO2 capture using linear amine polymer coated carbon nanotube materials
09:15 AMDoo-Hyun KwonDaniel Ess
DFT study of Ni-catalyzed alkyne cyclotrimerization and cyclotetramerization
09:30 AMBrent DeardenRoger Harrison
Zinc Oxide Nanomaterials Sorption of Hydrogen Sulfide
09:45 AMClifton AndersonKara Stowers
Synthesis parameters of titanosilicate ETS-10
10:00 AMBenjamin VestalRoger Harrison
Detecting Pertechnetate

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #8

Chair: Jeffrey Macedone
Judge: Randy Shirts
Judge: Scott Burt
Location: JKB 1008
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMLorenzo SerafinMatt Asplund
FTIR Analysis Employed in Reaction Mechanism Studies
10:45 AMLauren RawlingsJeremy Johnson
Modeling and Measuring the Potential Energy Surface in Lithium Niobate
11:00 AMKit WhiteDaniel Austin
Electrospraying Tardigrades
11:15 AMBrigham PopeDavid Dearden
Determining the Upper-Mass Limit for Obtaining Accurate CRAFTI Collision Cross Section Measurements Using Variable Length Polyalanine Peptides
11:30 AMSamuel HickenlooperDavid Dearden
Cucurbit[5]uril and Its Derivatives: How Does the Size and Shape of a Molecular Container Affect the Extrusion of a Guest
11:45 AMKaai KauweJeremy Johnson
Prepulsed Enhancement of THz Emission from Plasma
12:00 PMEmmalee McMurray
Jeremy Johnson
David Michaelis
Developing Terahertz Generation Crystals-Vanillylideneaniline Derivatives
12:15 PMAnnie PittsRichard Watt
Printing Antibody on Paper: Anemia Causation Detection

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #9

Chair: Merritt Andrus
Judge: Steven Castle
Judge: Kara Stowers
Location: JKB 1010
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMMichael KinghornDavid Michaelis
Proximity-Induced Reactivity and Selectivity with a Rationally Designed Bifunctional Helical Peptide Catalyst
08:30 AMDiana Saavedra NovaMerritt Andrus
Total Synthesis of the Anticancer Agent Deoxypodophyllotoxin (DPT) and Antiviral F4-4
08:45 AMYu CaiSteven Castle
Progress towards the total synthesis of Yaku\'amide A
09:00 AMMason SmithJosh Price
The stabalization of a long range salt bridges with nonpolar amino acids
09:15 AMjustin parkKara Stowers
Using glycerol as a Reducing Agent for N-Oxide Reductions
09:30 AMSara MataPaul Savage
Synthesis of Staphylococcus aureus serotype 5 and serotype 8 linkers for self-adjuvanting vaccine.
09:45 AMMary JackmanSteven Castle
Microwave-promoted iminyl radical fragmentations: A practical and efficient method of functionalization
10:00 AMTania NancePaul Savage
Biofilm Testing on Antimicrobial Coating for Endotracheal Tubing

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #10

Chair: Richard Watt
Judge: Roger Harrison
Judge: Stacey Smith
Location: JKB 1010
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMKayla BixlerDaniel Ess
Computations Study of the Mechanism and Efficiency of Iodine-Catalyzed Methane Oxidation in Sulfuric Acid
10:45 AMEthan GunnellKara Stowers
Alkyl Iodide and CO2 on copper surfaces in UHV
11:00 AMDaniel JohnstonRoger Harrison
Brian Anderson
Synthesis of Copper Complexes to develop new anti-influenza drugs.
11:15 AMJames CoombsDaniel Ess
Computational Study of Heterodinuclear Catalyzed Amine Borane Dehydrogenation
11:30 AMJacob WarrenRoger Harrison
11:45 AMZachary PribylKara Stowers
The formation of propanol over supported Au catalysts with a carbon dioxide feedstock
12:00 PMEthan DamronRoger Harrison
Copper Amantadine-iminodiethylamine as an Influenza Inhibitor
12:15 PMWilliam MillerRoger Harrison
Targeting the M2 channel of Influenza A with Cu(II) Bound Polyaminoadamantyl Complexes

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #11

Chair: Jennifer Nielson
Judge: Joshua Price
Judge: Paul Savage
Location: JKB 1012
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMMillicent CampbellDavid Michaelis
Synthesis of Bifunctional Peptide Catalysts for New Reaction Development
08:30 AMPaul HurstMerritt Andrus
Progress Towards the Synthesis of F4-4
08:45 AMSamuel EllisPaul Savage
Coating Methods and Testing of CSAs
09:00 AMBlake ChristensenSteven Castle
Techniques for the Synthesis of Complex Amino Acids Found in Yaku\'amide A
09:15 AMMikaela DickinsonDavid Michaelis
Development of Bifunctional Peptide Catalysts for Organic Synthesis
09:30 AMSeth LeCatesPaul Savage
Total Synthesis of Glycolipids from Fungi-Zygomocytes and the Evaluation of their NKT cells\' stimulatory properties
09:45 AMKei WebberSteven Castle
Stabilization of beta hairpins with bulky dehydroamino acids
10:00 AMGabriel Alejandro Valdivia BerroetaDavid Michaelis
Jeremy Johnson
New Organic Crystals for THz generation

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #12

Chair: Paul Savage
Judge: Joshua Price
Judge: Merritt Andrus
Location: JKB 1012
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMSpencer SaragerDavid Michaelis
Heterobimetallic Catalysis
10:45 AMEdward PimentelMerritt Andrus
Progress Towards an Englerin Desmethyl Mimic
11:00 AMDarius BaradaranPaul Savage
New Species of Cationic Steroid Antimicrobials
11:15 AM
11:30 AMAmanda GarritySteven Castle
Microwave-Generated Iminyl Radicals
11:45 AMErin StanselDavid Michaelis
Development of Chiral Heterobimetallic Complexes for Enantioselective Catalysis
12:00 PMTeron HayniePaul Savage
Synthesis and Evaluation of Novel Natural Killer T Cell Ligands
12:15 PMSiyeon (Sia) ImSteven Castle
Fragmentation of oxime ether rings

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #13

Chair: John Price
Judge: Steve Wood
Judge: Richard Watt
Location: JKB 1018
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMWilliam LudlamBarry Willardson
Determining the structure of the BBSome Core Complex
08:30 AMTsz Yin ChanJoshua Andersen
HER2-Dependent 14-3-3z-Mediated Oncogenic Signaling in Breast Cancer
08:45 AMEddie Sai Lun LeeKenneth Christensen
CMG2/ANTXR2 interacts with fragments of Laminin
09:00 AMNicole TensmeyerBarry Willardson
The role of CCT and PhLP1 in mTORC folding and assembly
09:15 AMTsz Ming Jeremy TsangKenneth Christensen
Comparing Different Endothelial Cell Migration Assays for Anti-angiogenic Molecules Screening
09:30 AMSteven YorkRichard Watt
Homocyteinylation of albumin and transferrin in relation to oxidative stress and neurodegeneration.
09:45 AMRichard CarsonJohn Price
Investigating the Mechanism of AGE-mediated Cancellation of Calorie Restriction Benefits Using a Multi-omics Approach
10:00 AMMonique SpeirsJohn Price
A kinetic proteomics approach to identify substrates of selective autophagy in colon cancer and enhance treatment specificity

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #14

Chair: Steve Castle
Judge: Jennifer Nielson
Judge: Sheglou Deng
Location: JKB 1018
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMBen RencherMerritt Andrus
Progress Toward the Synthesis of Deoxypodophyllotoxin
10:45 AMBrady JamesPaul Savage
Development and Testing of NKT Cell Stimulating Non-Peptide Conjugate Vaccine.
11:00 AMCollin SandersonSteven Castle
Bulky Dehydroamino Acid Insertion into the 3-10 Helix of Enfuvirtide
11:15 AMNathaniel BrownJosh Price
Salt Bridge PEGylation
11:30 AMBrian HiltonPaul Savage
Ceragenins as antimicrobial agents against Klebsiella pneumonia
11:45 AMKristine SenkanePaul Savage
Synthesis of a highly functionalized KRN7000 analogue for galactosylceramide transport studies in the cell.
12:00 PMAbigail TaylorDavid Michaelis
Development of Enzyme-like Catalysts for Organic Synthesis
12:15 PMMarjan M.HashemiPaul Savage
Susceptibility of colistin-resistant klebsiella pneumoniae to ceragenins

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #15

Chair: Steve Graves
Judge: Ken Christensen
Judge: Joshua Andersen
Location: JKB 1020
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMBryan LandroGregory Burton
Using CFSE to determine CAR T cell efficacy in eliminating HIV reservoir FDCs
08:30 AMStephen AmesJohn Price
Diagnosing Rheumatoid Arthritis Using Serum
08:45 AMDallin JeffsJohn Price
ApoE and Protein Turnover in Alzheimer’s Disease
09:00 AMKyle GashlerJoshua Andersen
A Novel Role of SOD1 in Suppression of Respiration
09:15 AMParker Evans
Kenneth Christensen
FRET Flow Cytometry and glucose metabolism in Trypanosoma brucei.
09:30 AMNathan KeyesJohn Price
Identifying Riboprotein Turnover mechanisms in vivo through Stable Heavy Isotope Labeling.
09:45 AMDaniel PooleJoshua Andersen
LIM domain containing protein 1 in autophagy
10:00 AMBen DainesRichard Watt
Decreasing Cancer Metastasis through proMMP Inhibition

Chemistry & Biochemistry Session #16

Chair: Wade Hooton
Judge: Steve Wood
Judge: Ken Christensen
Location: JKB 1020
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMAnne BennionJohn Price
Amyloid-beta Aggregate Formation in Alzheimer’s Disease
10:45 AMLogan LarsenJoshua Andersen
The role of TNK1 in metastasis
11:00 AMAndrew HaltermanKenneth Christensen
Glucose Metabolism in Trypanosoma brucei
11:15 AMAustin HannemannJohn Price
DeuteRater, a Proteomics Analysis Tool
11:30 AMLogan NielsenJoshua Andersen
ATG9 Autophagy Mechanism
11:45 AMRyne PetersJohn Price
Ribosomal Protein Kinetics
12:00 PMRyan StenquistKenneth Christensen
Mapping the CMG2 Binding Site(s) on Collagen IV NC1 Domain
12:15 PMNathan ZunigaRichard Watt
Labile Iron Pool Homeostasis and Reactive Oxygen Species
12:30 PMChance ClingerBarry Willardson
Tagging of CCT with the Auxin-Inducible Degron

Computer Science Session #1

Chair: Brent Mattson
Judge: Quinn Snell
Judge: Scott Woodfield
Location: JKB 2110
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMMike BrodieTony Martinez
Optimal Dieting: Improving Diversity in Multiple Choice Learning Ensembles
08:30 AMChristopher TensmeyerTony Martinez
Context-Aware Binarization of Historical Manuscripts with Fully Convolutional Networks
08:45 AMJoseph JohnsonChristophe Giraud-Carrier
Intention Detection
09:00 AMRoland Laboulaye
Christophe Giraud-Carrier
A Foundation for Automatic Classifier Selection: Understanding the Space of Datasets in Relation to Inductive Bias
09:15 AMMegan SearlesChristophe Giraud-Carrier
Prescription Drugs and the Twitterverse
09:30 AMJacob CarterDennis Ng
ReadAid: A Robust and Fully-Automated Readability Assessment Tool
09:45 AMSi hong LamDennis Ng
Recommending Books for Children Based on the Collaborative and Content-Based Filtering Approaches
10:00 AMRyan HintzeBryan Morse
Shadow Patching

Computer Science Session #2

Chair: Brent Mattson
Judge: Dennis Ng
Judge: Daniel Zappala
Location: JKB 2110
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMBen BayDan Ventura
Deterministic Text Transformation Via Vector Representation of Words
10:45 AMPaul BodilyDan Ventura
Pop*: Using Concept Learning to Compose Lyrical Music
11:00 AMNathan Allen

R. Brent Adams
Using Technology to creating the film Taijitu
11:15 AMErik Hansen

R. Brent Adams
Problem Solving in Computer Animation
11:30 AMTurner Barzee

Frank Jones
Exploiting the Power of Gaming to Stimulate Exercise and Learning
11:45 AMJacob ChurchFrank Jones
12:00 PM
12:15 PM

Computer Science Session #3

Chair: Stephen Richardson
Judge: Christophe Giraud-Carrier
Judge: Bryan Morse
Location: JKB 2111
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMBrian DavisBill Barrett
Demonstrating a mobile crowdsource transcription system
08:30 AMAllen LiaoBill Barrett
Applying Machine Learning to Chinese Genealogies
08:45 AMNaataanii Tsosie
Bill Barrett
FHTL Games
09:00 AMCurtis WigingtonBill Barrett
Geometric Distortion to Augment Datasets for CNN-LSTM based Handwriting Recognition
09:15 AMJoshua McClellan

Jacob Crandall
Mike Goodrich
Human-Swarm Interaction-- Shared Control
09:30 AMDallin ClaytonMike Goodrich
Robotic Path-planning for Normal Human Beings and TurtleBots
09:45 AMMeher ShaikhMike Goodrich
Design and Evaluation of Adverb Palette: A GUI for Selecting Tradeoffs in Multi-objective Optimization Problems
10:00 AMNaomi JohnsonKevin Seppi
Michael Jones
VAT: Making Data Worth More

Computer Science Session #4

Chair: Stephen Richardson
Judge: Ryan Farrell
Judge: Jacob Crandall
Location: JKB 2111
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMTyler Etchart
David Wingate
Robust Image Denoising with Deep Neural Networks
10:45 AMNancy Fulda
David Wingate
Probabilistic Programming for Theory of Mind for Autonomous Agents
11:00 AMJoshua Greaves
David Wingate
Unsupervised Data Translation with Double Stacked Autoencoders
11:15 AMBen Murdoch

David Wingate
Leveraging prior knowledge as an aid to reinforcement learning in a text-based world
11:30 AMRobert Pottorff
David Wingate
Exploration Gradients: Learning to Explore
11:45 AMNathan WoodburySean Warnick
On the Well-Posedness of Networks Described by Dynamical Structure Functions
12:00 PMDane BjorkSean Warnick
Automating the Manifold Boundary Approximation Method for Simplifying Models of Complex Systems
12:15 PM

CS 3-Minute Session #5

Chair: Andy Hodgkinson
Judge: Kent Seamons
Judge: Dan Ventura
Location: JKB 2113
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMEmma HuntChristophe Giraud-Carrier
Developing a Predictive Model for Suicide for Social Media Channels
08:19 AMTaetem SimmsChristophe Giraud-Carrier
Cognitive Labeling - Expanding the Scope of Natural Language Processing for Cognitive Behavioral Analysis
08:23 AMEmily PrigmoreSean Warnick
Computationally Modeling the Trophic Cascade in Yellowstone National Park
08:27 AMJacob ValentineSean Warnick
Strategic Feedback Control and Reaching Pareto Optimality in a Competitive Setting: A Mathematical Model of Leadership
08:31 AMEthan Garofolo
Kevin Seppi
Impact of Screen Size on Worker Productivity
08:35 AMConnor Cook
Kevin Seppi
The Free Classifier
08:39 AMZann AndersonMichael Jones
Kevin Seppi
Understanding Interaction with Big Widgets
08:43 AMZachary Nelson
Tom Sederberg
Bill Barrett
Mark Clement
Record Quest
08:47 AMJared Crystal

Tom Sederberg
Bill Barrett
Relative Finder
08:51 AMTrevor Savage

Seth Holladay
Collaborative Game Creation in Unreal Engine
08:55 AMSamuel Giraud-CarrierSeth Holladay
Dynamic Culling of Particles in Granular Material Simulation
08:59 AMConnor AndersonRyan Farrell
Fine-grained Recognition Dataset Construction
09:03 AMKolten PearsonRyan Farrell
Distinguishing Butterfly Species with Neural Networks
09:07 AMMatthew HeydornRyan Farrell
Building an Image Recognition Dataset
09:11 AMAlan FiloteoR. Brent Adams
Lighting, Rendering and Compositing for Animation
09:15 AMNathan ZabriskieParris Egbert
Seth Holladay
Multi-State Simulation of Granular Material
09:19 AMJavid PackParris Egbert
3M - Real-time FLIP Fluid Simulation through Machine Learning Approximations
09:23 AMDerek HancockDavid Wingate
Holodeck: A High Fidelity Simulator for Complex Reinforcement Learning Tasks
09:27 AMChris AndersonDavid Wingate
PCA-inspired Optimization of Neural Networks
09:31 AMJane Linn
Eric Mercer
Using Coverage to Quantify Test Effort of Mulit-agent Systems
09:35 AMDerek ArguetaCasey Deccio
A Measurement Study of DNS Response Rate-Limiting:
09:39 AMJack DemkeCasey Deccio
A Measurement of DNS NSEC Deployment
09:43 AMJoshua Reynolds
Daniel Zappala
Kent Seamons
Strengthening TLS with Trustbase

CS 3-Minute Session #6

Chair: Evan Child
Judge: Paul Roper
Judge: David Wingate
Location: JKB 2113
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMMike CrowtherBill Barrett
Updating Relative Finder Help
10:34 AMSeth StewartBill Barrett
Fast Trainable At-Home Automatic Indexing
10:38 AMJoshua Nielsen
Bryan Morse
Depth aware camera analysis
10:42 AMSteven DawsonBryan Morse
User Tools for Depth Aware Image Manipulation
10:46 AMJessica GreenlandBryan Morse
Vision-Based Geolocation for Mobile Apps
10:50 AMMark O\'NeillDaniel Zappala
Power to the People: Taking Trust Back
10:54 AMLuke DickinsonKent Seamons
Certification Revocation: New Strategies
10:58 AMTyler MonsonKent Seamons
Usable Key Management Through Short-Lived Keys
11:02 AMTrevor SmithKent Seamons
Authentication through the Fog: Using the Cloud to Improve Password Usability and Security
11:06 AMGeorge SpendloveKent Seamons
Key Transparency in Secure E-mail
11:10 AMDonald FordMark Clement
Graph Similarity in Phylogenies
11:14 AMAndrew JacobsonMark Clement
De Bruijn Graph Clustering and Visualization
11:18 AMMichael WatkinsMark Clement
Methods of Multiple GPU Computing For Neural Networks
11:22 AMTommy JensenQuinn Snell
Realistic Simulation of Human Population Reproduction
11:26 AMAlexander LemonQuinn Snell
Compiler Optimization of Accelerator Data Transfers
11:30 AMDarin CostelloMike Goodrich
Mother Duck - An Algorithm for Swarms
11:34 AMDeise Ferreira de MeloMike Goodrich
Robot Swarm Model
11:38 AMJohn GroshMike Goodrich
Interfacing Human Organizations with Robotic Swarms
11:42 AMYazan HalawaMike Goodrich
UAV Control Center
11:46 AMAadesh NeupaneMike Goodrich
Humans-Agents collaborative organization hierarchy to manage hub-based colonies
11:50 AMJustin SnyderJacob Crandall
Composable AI
11:54 AMDavid Olson
Jacob Crandall
Document Processing with Composable AI
11:58 AM

Computer Science Session #7

Chair: Thomas Purdy
Judge: Tony Martinez
Judge: Frank Jones
Location: JKB 2114
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMKen ReeseKent Seamons
Advancing the Security and Usability of Encrypted Email
08:30 AMEunice TanCasey Deccio
\"Is He Who He Claims He Was? A Study of Incentive Models for the Deployment of Email Protection Mechanisms\"
08:45 AMRaymond ClintonDaniel Zappala
End-to-End: Encryption in an Age of Social Media
09:00 AMElham vaziripourDaniel Zappala
Secure Private Communications
09:15 AMCharles JohnsonSean Warnick
Targeted Reachability and Source Observability in Network Systems
09:30 AMSean LaneSean Warnick
Reducing cyber vulnerability analysis to a feedback robustness check
09:45 AMMeilan JinSean Warnick
A tool for detecting structural weaknesses in distributed cyber-physical systems
10:00 AM

Computer Science Session #8

Chair: Thomas Purdy
Judge: Kevin Seppi
Judge: Casey Deccio
Location: JKB 2114
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMJustin WuDaniel Zappala
Condensing Steam: Distilling the Diversity of Gamer Behavior
10:45 AMGarrett EganSeth Holladay
Gaming the System: A Case Study in Gamification
11:00 AMJeremy ObornSeth Holladay
Time Reversed Fluid Simulation
11:15 AMBrennan SmithSeth Holladay
Improving Gamification by Leveraging Endogenous Value
11:30 AMSean FlynnParris Egbert
Efficient Adaptive Fluid Simulation Using a Linear Octree-Based Structure
11:45 AMAlan DaytonSean Warnick
Quinn Snell
Bill Barrett
Re-initialization Techniques for Interface Tracking Methods
12:00 PM
12:15 PM

Computer Science Session #9

Chair: Cindy Snow
Judge: Bill Barrett
Judge: Robert Burton
Location: JKB 2112
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMJustin JensenRobert Burton
A General-purpose Animation System for 4D
10:45 AMKristian Sims
Michael Jones
Kevin Seppi
Pick-and-Play: Interactive Electronic Devices Made Easy
11:00 AMJeffrey LundKevin Seppi
Interative Topic Modeling with Multiword Anchors
11:15 AMJacob Pettingill
Eric Mercer
Java Habanero Testing
11:30 AMCole LymanMark Clement
Novel gene annotation prediction using deep neural networks
11:45 AMStanley FujimotoMark Clement
Alignment Free Phylogenetics and Disease Association
12:00 PM
12:15 PM

Geological Sciences Session #1

Chair: Tom Chidsey
Judge: Tom Morris
Judge: Keryn Ross
Location: JKB 1115
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMBryce BerrettRon Harris
Indonesian Terrace maps
08:30 AMTia MisuracaGreg Carling
08:45 AMNatalie BarkdullRon Harris
Geologic Field Camp: Java, Indonesia
09:00 AMThomas SlezakJani Radebaugh
Eric Christiansen
Bart Kowallis
Implications for the formation of paterae on Io from quantitative shape comparisons using geometric morphometrics
09:15 AMBritney TalbotSteve Nelson
Quantitative Mineral Analysis using X-Ray Diffraction Patterns: RockJock vs Rietveld
09:30 AMBlake Steeves
Sam Hudson
Reservoir Architecture and Connectivity of the Trail Member fluvial sandstones, Ericson Sandstone, Mesaverde Group
09:45 AMChris PerfiliScott Ritter
Microbial Reefs in the TImpoweap Member of the Lower Triassic Moenkopi Formation, Hurricane Cliffs, Utah.
10:00 AMSpencer BurrJeff Keith
Molybdenum Porphyry Deposits in The Leucocratic Phase Correlating With Pebble Dikes In the Traverse Mountains.

Geological Sciences Session #2

Chair: Tom Chidsey
Judge: Barry Bickmore
Judge: Sam Hudson
Location: JKB 1115
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMMay DengRon Harris
Tsunami Disaster Prevention in Indonesia: Developing Tsunami Disaster Mitigation Strategies for West Java from Analysis of Paleo-Tsunami Deposits
10:45 AMBen GodwinJohn McBride
Seismic and hydrologic correlation of spring water with fault damage zone fractures in Timpoweap Canyon, Utah.
11:00 AMGeoffrey RitterJohn McBride
Lithofacies, Sequence Architecture, and Petrophysical Character of the Upper Paradox Formation (Middle Pennsylvanian) in the Northern Blanding Basin, Utah
11:15 AMEvan Gunnell
Scott Ritter
Lithofacies, Sequence Architecture, and Petrophysical Characterization of the Desert Creek Interval (Middle Pennsylvanian, Paradox Formation) in the Greater Aneth Field, Southern Paradox Basin, Utah
11:30 AMRebecca EsplinBrooks Britt
Digitizing Dinosaur National Monument
11:45 AMJeff SelckEric Christiansen
Copper mineralogy in the oxide zone of the Lone Star Porphyry Copper Deposit, Arizona
12:00 PMDanielle SpencerEric Christiansen
Geochemistry of a Rhyolite Lava Flow from the Kimberly Core, Idaho, Project Hotspot
12:15 PM

Geological Sciences Session #3

Chair: Dave Noble
Judge: Ron Harris
Judge: John McBride
Location: JKB 1117
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AM
08:30 AMRyan ChadburnJeff Keith
Zircon crystal morphology and geochronology of pebble dikes containing rounded clasts of the Leucocratic Phase in the Little Cottonwood Stock located in the East Traverse Mountains
08:45 AMBret YoungJeff Keith
Clay Clasts like Fried Ice Cream?
09:00 AMGage Pallo
Greg Carling
Phosphorus Loading to Utah Lake from Groundwater Springs
09:15 AMMichael Goodman
Greg Carling
Wet and Dry Atmospheric Deposition of Phosphorus and Nitrogen on Utah Lake, Utah
09:30 AMMitchell HatfieldJani Radebaugh
A search for evidence of the Veevers Crater, Western Australia meteor impact through analysis of soil samples
09:45 AM
10:00 AMJason KlimekSam Hudson
Evolution and origin of a large mud diapir in the Wilkins Peak Member of the Green River Formation

Geological Sciences Session #4

Chair: Steve Church
Judge: Jani Radebaugh
Judge: Greg Carling
Location: JKB 1117
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMKimberly SowardsSteve Nelson
Investigating smectite as an important intermediate product between igneous minerology and a mature assemblage of kaolinite-group clays, gibbsite, and Fe-oxides
10:45 AMSam HillamSteve Nelson
A Quaternary climate record from a Uinta Mountains, USA, fen core with emphasis on sediment pyrolysis
11:00 AMKevin StuartRon Harris
Sam Hudson
John McBride
Tsunami hazards risk: Discovering and analyzing possible tsunami deposits near Pangandaran and Cilacap, southern central Java, Indonesia
11:15 AMWilliam MeservyRon Harris
Tsunami modeling of newly discovered wave-transported boulders near Pacitan, Indonesia
11:30 AMJoel BarkerSteve Nelson
Quantification of Effective Precipitation within the watershed of a fen in Central Utah using RockEval
11:45 AMKatelynn Smith
John McBride
Sam Hudson
Greg Carling
Steve Nelson
A Geophysical and Geologic Analysis of Regressive-Phase Deposits from Lake Bonneville in Pilot Valley, UT
12:00 PMMichael JensenBart Kowallis
40Ar/39Ar ages, geochemical analysis, and likely source of fallout tuffs from the Duchesne River Formation
12:15 PMCasey WebbBart Kowallis
Eric Christiansen
Sam Hudson
Stratigraphic Relationships within the Duchesne River Formation and Bishop Conglomerate: Conclusions from Mapping the Vernal NW Quadrangle

Geological Sciences Session #5

Chair: Gary Chapman
Judge: Brooks Britt
Judge: Eric Christiansen
Location: JKB 1119
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AM
08:30 AMCorbin LewisJani Radebaugh
A Comparative Analysis of Sediment Transport and Deposition in the Sand Seas of Earth and Titan
08:45 AMAlex WashburnSam Hudson
Constraining Timing of South Caspian Basin Isolation and Source Rock Deposition using Re-Os Geochronology on Black Shales of the Maikop Series, Eastern Azerbaijan
09:00 AMCollin JensenJeff Keith
Investigating a catastrophic mass-movement emplacement of the Traverse Mountain Block, Central Utah
09:15 AMColin HaleGreg Carling
Effects of Windblown Dust onto the Uinta Mountain Snowpack and Upper Provo River
09:30 AMMatt RandallGreg Carling
Characterizing the Fate and Mobility of Phosphorus in Utah Lake Sediments
09:45 AMHannah CheckettsGreg Carling
An analysis of trace element chemistry in Uinta snowpack and subsequent changing of trace element water chemistry in the Upper Provo watershed
10:00 AMBrian PackerGreg Carling
Mercury Transport During Snowmelt in the Upper Provo River, Utah

Geological Sciences Session #6

Chair: Gary Chapman
Judge: Jeff Keith
Judge: Keryn Ross
Location: JKB 1119
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMColby PearsonEric Christiansen
The Geochemistry of the Cenozoic Urumieh-Dokhtar Magmatic Arc (UDMA) of Iran
10:45 AMJoshua MeibosEric Christiansen
Modelling the Chemical Variations of Snake River Plain Lavas by Fractional Crystallization of an Olivine Tholeiite
11:00 AMMichael LowryEric Christiansen
A relative age geologic map and geomorphic analysis of Syria Planum, Mars
11:15 AMBrandon TheurerBrooks Britt
“Sauropod gap” is potentially challenged by a titanosauriform sauropod from the Cedar Mountain Formation in Utah
11:30 AMNatalie BarkdullGreg Carling
Ron Harris
Mercury Methylation and Artisanal Gold Mining in Indonesia
11:45 AM
12:00 PMMichael LowryRon Harris
Fluvial Geomorphology of the Southern Coasts of Indonesia and Implications for Tectonics
12:15 PM

Mathematics Session #1

Chair: Brinton Webb
Judge: Martha Kilpack
Judge: Nathan Priddis
Location: JKB 2002
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMKevin MillerJeffrey Humpherys
A Probabilistic Foundation for Link Prediction in Undirected Networks
08:30 AMGabriel BradfordMichael Dorff
Mark Hughes
Q-learning with Simple Games
08:45 AMJoshua WilsonMichael Dorff
Mark Hughes
The use of Neural networks in game strategy.
09:00 AMZach TaylorMark Hughes
Machine Learning With Simple Two-Person Games
09:15 AMTanner ChristensenJeffrey Humpherys
Code2Vec: Medical Code Embeddings
09:30 AMBen EhlertJeffrey Humpherys
Emily Evans
Why Can’t We Be Friends? The Effects of Social Networks on Academic Success
09:45 AMSeth GlazierJeffrey Humpherys
Neural Networks and Survival Analysis
10:00 AMDavid KartchnerJeffrey Humpherys
Medical Patient Clustering using LDA and Neural Network Embeddings

Mathematics Session #2

Chair: Tyler Jarvis
Judge: Scott Glasgow
Judge: Mark Abramson
Location: JKB 2002
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMRachel NewellMichael Dorff
Mark Hughes
Coding Van Gogh
10:45 AMJoshua FullwoodJared Whitehead
Tsunami Modeling and Visualization with Geoclaw
11:00 AMSpencer Giddens
Jared Whitehead
Ron Harris
Indonesian Tsunami Modeling
11:15 AMMartha MorriseJared Whitehead
Using Bayesian Inference to Reconstruct a Tsunami
11:30 AMAllayna McFarlaneJared Whitehead
Tsunami Prevalence in Indonesia
11:45 AMTanner ThompsonTyler Jarvis
Distinguishing Kelp Species in Hyperspectral Imagery with Machine Learning
12:00 PMMitchell SailsberyTyler Jarvis
Survey of Applications of Graph Theory
12:15 PMRex McArthurTyler Jarvis
Numerical Stability of Calculating Grobner Bases
12:30 PM

Mathematics Session #3

Chair: Ben Webb
Judge: Todd Fisher
Judge: Mark Hughes
Location: JKB 2004
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMBryn Balls-BarkerBen Webb
Optimization of Spectral Algorithms for Link Prediction
08:30 AMTaylor GledhillBen Webb
Eigen-Exhaustion in Link Prediction
08:45 AMBenjamin PachevBen Webb
Fast Link Prediction For Large Networks Using Spectral Embedding
09:00 AMDallas SmithBen Webb
Hidden Graph Symmetries
09:15 AMDavid ReberBen Webb
Regional Network Resilience to Time-Delays
09:30 AMWesley StevensBen Webb
Modeling Structural and Spectral Growth of Networks
09:45 AMJesse FriedbaumBen Webb
Stability 0f Control Using Successive Linear Approximation for Robotic Systems
10:00 AMStewart McGinnisBen Webb
Deterministic Multi-particle Dynamics in 2D Random Lattice Media

Mathematics Session #4

Chair: Shue-Sum Chow
Judge: Robin Roundy
Judge: Emily Evans
Location: JKB 2004
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMMatthew BeesleyTodd Fisher
Unique Measures of Maximal Entropy for Partially Hyperbolic Geodesic Flows
10:45 AMBrooke MosbyLennard Bakker
Angular Momentum and Kepler\'s Second Law
11:00 AMJacob MurriLennard Bakker
Exchange Orbits in Symmetric Gravitational N-Body Problems
11:15 AMXue LiuKening Lu
Additive noise destroy a pitchfork bifurcation
11:30 AMCory VernonLennard Bakker
A Symplectic Story: Expository Applications of Symplectic Matrices
11:45 AMMitchell SailsberyLennard Bakker
Stability of Orbits in Certain Hamiltonian Systems
12:00 PMJunyilang ZhaoKening Lu
From Hilbert space valued Wiener process to invariant manifolds of a Stochastic differential equation
12:15 PM

Mathematics Session #5

Chair: Tiancheng Ouyang
Judge: Lennard Bakker
Judge: Chris Grant
Location: JKB 2009
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMTyler KharaziScott Glasgow
Quantum Electrodynamics in the electron-positron field
08:30 AMStephen Cowley
John Dallon
Mean Squared Displacement and Cell Motion
08:45 AMDavid ToddBlake Barker
Time evolution study of viscous conservation laws
09:00 AMShane McQuarrieJared Whitehead
Data Assimilation for Mantle Convection
09:15 AMDane GrundvigVianey Villamizar
A Fourth Order Deferred Correction Method for Acoustic Scattering with Farfield ABC
09:30 AMMarissa GrahamEmily Evans
Multigrid Methods in Isogeometric Analysis
09:45 AMAllyson TomEmily Evans
Link prediction methods for directed networks
10:00 AMBryce BlackhamRodney Forcade
Structure of Nim-like games

Mathematics Session #6

Chair: Darrin Doud
Judge: Xian-Jin Li
Judge: Pace Nielsen
Location: JKB 2009
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMRyan Janai KurthMartha Kilpack
Streamlining the Berkoff-Frink Method of Alebraic Structures
10:45 AMMadeline MayMartha Kilpack
Finding Algebraic Structures for a Finite Lattice
11:00 AMRebeca PaulsenStephen Humphries
Weak Cayley Table Mappings of Crystallographic Groups
11:15 AMSeth Poulsen
Stephen Humphries
Bi-Infinite Family of Difference Sets
11:30 AMCache ThompsonStephen Humphries
Binary Trees and Algebras of the Symmetric Groups
11:45 AMEvan SorensenDavid Cardon
Linear Transformations Inducing Orthogonal Polynomials
12:00 PMJason WhiteDavid Cardon
Application of Lee-Yang polynomials to entire functions with zeros in a strip
12:15 PMJacob NewmanNathan Priddis
Weighting polynomials and groups
12:30 PMC.J. BottNathan Priddis
K3 Surfaces: The Missing Link?

Mathematics Session #7

Chair: Jasbir Chahal
Judge: David Cardon
Judge: Stephen Humphries
Location: JKB 2011
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMAlex SafstenDenise Halverson
Busemann spaces: the role of curvature and the infinite dimensional case
08:30 AMMcKell Stauffer

Denise Halverson
Rigid Motion of a Conical Four-Bar Mechanism
08:45 AMMichael AndersenGregory Conner
Inscrutable Classes
09:00 AMNickolas CallorGregory Conner
Topological Complexity of Fibrations
09:15 AMMatthew McGrathCurtis Kent
Infinitude of Primes in given Congruence Class
09:30 AMBen SchoonmakerPace Nielsen
Clean and Weak Clean Index of Commonly Used Rings
09:45 AMVandy TombsPace Nielsen
Transfinite Euclidean Domains
10:00 AMErik ParkinsonGary Lawlor
Covering R3 with Tetrahedra

Mathematics Session #8

Chair: Paul Jenkins
Judge: Gary Lawlor
Judge: Denise Halverson
Location: JKB 2011
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMDaniel AdamsPaul Jenkins
Canonical bases for spaces of weakly holomorphic modular forms with fractional Fourier coefficients
10:45 AMKit Vander WiltPaul Jenkins
Canonical Bases for Spaces of Weakly Holomorphic Modular Forms with Weierstrass Points at Infinity
11:00 AMVicki IbaPaul Jenkins
Congruences for Coefficients of Modular Functions in Level 6
11:15 AMMerrill WarnickPaul Jenkins
Congruences for Coefficients of Modular Functions of Level 12
11:30 AMHankun KoPaul Jenkins
Real zeros of Hecke eigenforms of the new forms of level 2
11:45 AMGrant MolnarPaul Jenkins
Level 11 Modular Forms
12:00 PMEric Moss
Paul Jenkins
Congruences of modular forms in level 2 with poles at 0
12:15 PM

Mathematics Education Session #1

Chair: Cindy Snow
Judge: Scott Hendrickson
Judge: Steve Williams
Location: JKB 2104
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMKiya HallSteven Jones
Addressing Pre-Service Teachers\' Misconceptions about Confidence Intervals
08:30 AMJoelle KeliilikiSteve Williams
Teacher Gestures During Instruction of the Definite Integral
08:45 AMKonda LuckauDan Siebert
A Sociocultural Look at Graphing Practices
09:00 AMKimber MathisDawn Teuscher
Pre-service teachers\' curricular reasoning: What is influencing their decisions?
09:15 AMStephen ScottSteven Jones
The Combination of Model Eliciting Activities with Task-based Learning: Satisfying the Curriculum Demands and Improving Student’s Productive Disposition Towards Mathematics.
09:30 AMKylie PalskyKeith Leatham
Teachers’ Perceptions of Productive Teacher Moves In Response to Teachable Moments
09:45 AM
10:00 AM

Mathematics Education Session #2

Chair: Kate Johnson
Judge: Dan Siebert
Judge: Steven Jones
Location: JKB 2104
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMAlicia HeningerBlake Peterson
Keith Leatham
The Effects of Imprecision Created by Incorrect Verbalization of Notation on Mathematical Instruction
10:45 AMKatelyn PyferDawn Teuscher
He Who Makes the Rules: Does Rubric Creation Generate a Grading Bias in Collaborative Teaching?
11:00 AMCache ThompsonSteven Jones
How Students View Definite and Indefinite Integrals
11:15 AMBrianna LeivaDawn Teuscher
112 Understanding of Limits
11:30 AMMichelle WagnerDouglas Corey
Lesson Planning as a Knowledge Base for Teaching
11:45 AMCharlie PalfreymanDawn Teuscher
Hastening the Work of Graduation
12:00 PM
12:15 PM

Phi Kappa Phi - Session #1

Chair: John Colton
Judge: Larry Rees
Judge: Tyler Jarvis
Location: JKB 1104
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMCasey DavisChristophe Giraud-Carrier
An Objective Measure of Inductive Bias to Improve Autonomous Exploration of the Classifier Selection Problem
08:30 AMMichael ChristensenShane Reese
William Christensen
Bayesian Statistical Models in Climate Change Assessment
08:45 AMScott Leland CrossenJohn Colton
Electron Spin Coherence Studies in Silicon Carbide
09:00 AMSeth BohmanSteven Castle
Novel Fragmentations of Iminyl Radicals
09:15 AMGarett BrownManuel Berrondo
Beyond Phase Transitions: an Algorithmic Approach to Flocking Behavior
09:30 AMDavid KastnerSteven Castle
PKP:QM/MM Analysis of Proteolytically Stable Beta-Hairpins
09:45 AMSpencer TheveninSteven Turley
Effects of Roughness on Reflection of Monochromatic Light
10:00 AMHannah BonnerThomas Morris
Designing a Mars Rover Using Terrestrial Analogs
10:15 AMBerg DodsonRichard Vanfleet
Robert Davis
Electrical contact to carbon nanotube forests through the substrate
10:30 AMMercede EricksonPaul Farnsworth
Mass Spectrometric Imaging of Regiospecific Lipid Turnover in Mouse Brain with Desorption Electrospray Ionization

Physics & Astronomy Session #1

Chair: David Derrick
Judge: Eric Hintz
Judge: Branton Campbell
Location: JKB 1101
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMCaleb GoatesTraci Neilsen
Kent Gee
Extending the bandwidth of an acoustic beamforming array using phase unwrapping and array interpolation
08:30 AMStephanie ThomasDavid Allred
Oxidation Prevention in Aluminum with Removable Barrier Layers
08:45 AMTyler WestoverRobert Davis
Polymer Coated Annealing of Nanowires
09:00 AMJordan AltonRichard Vanfleet
Robert Davis
Effects of Annealing on Nickel-Electroplated CNTs
09:15 AMMatthew WillardsonBrian Anderson
Use of time reversal to create a high amplitude focus of sound in air
09:30 AMKeir AshbyDarin Ragozzine
What Planets Did Kepler Miss?
09:45 AMJonathan TreterDallin Durfee
Extracting Wavelength from Color Camera Data
10:00 AMAndrew WhiteMark Transtrum
Reverse-Engineering Gene Networks That Can Remember Using the Manifold Boundary Approximation Method

Physics & Astronomy Session #2

Chair: Thomas Gadberry
Judge: Duane Merrell
Judge: Dallin Durfee
Location: JKB 1101
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMTravis HoytScott Sommerfeldt
Improved Acoustic Power Estimates of Sound Sources in Semi-reverberant Enclosures Using Generalized Energy Density
10:45 AMAndrew PattersonDenise Stephens
Data Reduction Script for Kilodegree Extremely Little Telescope Transit Survey
11:00 AMRichard BarneyJean-Francois Van Huele
Quantum erasure in Stern-Gerlach multi-path interference
11:15 AMRyan DoelBryan Peterson
Characterizing Electrohydrodynamic Propulsion
11:30 AMHyun LimEric Hirschmann
Simulating Ejecta from Binary Neutron Star Coalescence using SPH
11:45 AMJ. Ryan PetersonJohn Colton
Tunability and Stability of Lead Sulfide Quantum Dots
12:00 PMLauren HindmanJ. Ward Moody
Monitoring Variability of the Brightest Northern Blazars
12:15 PMKevin LeeteKent Gee
Traci Neilsen
Nearfield Acoustical Holography Applied to the Sound Field of a High-Performance Military Aircraft

Physics & Astronomy Session #3

Chair: Ross Spencer
Judge: Ross Spencer
Judge: Cheryl Davis
Location: JKB 1103
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMPaige SaundersDallin Durfee
Stabilizing Lasers by Analyzing Phase Noise
08:30 AMBrent ReichmanKent Gee
Traci Neilsen
Evolution of Shock Waves in Jet Noise Propagation
08:45 AMKatrina PedersenMark Transtrum
A simple algorithm for globally describinga the behavior space of complex models
09:00 AMStefan LehnardtRobert Davis
Richard Vanfleet
Improved Nickel Substrates for Stronger Graphene Films
09:15 AMBenjamin FrancisMark Transtrum
Novel similarity measures for oscillatory systems
09:30 AMEmily LaughlinRobert Davis
Richard Vanfleet
High Surface Area Lithium Electrodes
09:45 AMBrittni NewboldKarine Chesnel
Imaging Magnetic Domain Morphologies in Co/Pt Multilayer with 4Å of Cobalt
10:00 AMMichael DenisonBrian Anderson
Understanding Optimal Time Reversal Conditions Using Acoustic Simulation Software

Physics & Astronomy Session #4

Chair: Steve Turley
Judge: Steve Turley
Judge: Manuel Berrondo
Location: JKB 1103
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMMiriah PetersonJustin Peatross
Calibration of a High-Throughput Spectrometer for Measuring Hyper-Rayleigh Scattering
10:45 AMRochelle BiancardiJ. Ward Moody
Surveying for Dwarf Galaxies in the Void FN2
11:00 AMCarson EvansRoss Spencer
Electron Collisions and Ionization of Argon Gas in the Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer
11:15 AMLeanne FarnbachDenise Stephens
Statistical Spectral Fitting of Brown Dwarf Binary Systems
11:30 AMA.J. RasmussonJean-Francois Van Huele
Measurement Uncertainty Relations for Three Observables in Spin-1/2 Systems
11:45 AMAdam DodsonScott Bergeson
Ultracold Neutral Plasma Heating due to Resonance Excitation
12:00 PMKyle MattDenise Stephens
Finding Binary Brown Dwarf Systems Using Point Spread Functions
12:15 PM

Physics & Astronomy Session #5

Chair: Denise Stephens
Judge: Denise Stephens
Judge: Bryan Peterson
Location: JKB 1105
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMKonrie AngelNathan Powers
Constructing Knowledge in a Undergraduate Physics Lab on Circuits
08:30 AMWilliam K BlackDavid Neilsen
Temporally Iterative Spatial Refinement
08:45 AMMichael GreenburgSteven Turley
Optimization of Broadband Multilayer Mirrors via a Genetic Algorithm
09:00 AMTrent FurlongBrian Anderson
Demonstrations of time reversal acoustics focusing of speech
09:15 AMAlexandra DavisSteven Turley
David Allred
Developing Monochromatic VUV Light Source
09:30 AMTyler BahrMark Transtrum
Parameter Reduction of the Hodgkin-Huxley Model of a Spiking Neuron
09:45 AMDavid KaneRichard Vanfleet
Robert Davis
Sirface Treatmenf of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Forests for Atomic Layer Deposition
10:00 AM

Physics & Astronomy Session #6

Chair: Elizabeth Kraczek
Judge: Elizabeth Kraczek
Judge: Brian Anderson
Location: JKB 1105
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMJoseph HallJohn Ellsworth
Electron screening in condensed matter mediated nuclear fusion
10:45 AMTyler AverettBranton Campbell
Algebraic search for cooperative tilt patterns in networks of interconnected polyhedra
11:00 AMParkes WhippleJ. Ward Moody
Polarized Observations of Blazar Galaxies
11:15 AMRachel GardnerJean-Francois Van Huele
Modeling Quantum Energy Teleportation
11:30 AMBlaine HarkerKent Gee
Traci Neilsen
Wavepacket source modeling of high-performance military aircraft jet noise
11:45 AMMcKay OsborneJ. Ward Moody
Extracting Periodicity from Archival Data on Mrk 501
12:00 PMMichael CarlsonRoss Spencer
Rarefied Gas-Surface Collisions Inside an ICP-MS
12:15 PM

Physics & Astronomy Session #7

Chair: Robert Davis
Judge: Robert Davis
Judge: Gus Hart
Location: JKB 1106
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMChristian LambertManuel Berrondo
Modeling Flocking Boids Using Directed Graphs with Dynamic Edge Weights
08:30 AMKolten BarfussMark Transtrum
Algorithms for Inferring the Information Topology of Statistical Mechanics Models
08:45 AMJacob TinninDavid Neilsen
Moving Boundary Conditions in Lattice Boltzmann Fluid Simulations
09:00 AMSteven MaggardDarin Ragozzine
Propagating Observational Uncertainty of Solar System Objects [into Orbital Integrations]
09:15 AMJarom JacksonDallin Durfee
Magnetic Field Measurements in Vacuum with a Directional Hanle Effect
09:30 AMSarah YoungBrian Anderson
Optimization of time reversal focusing in a resonant system through various signal processing techniques
09:45 AMPaul RussavageTraci Neilsen
Kent Gee
High-Fidelity Delivery of Jet Crackle in Listening Studies
10:00 AMSpencer PerryDavid Allred
Steven Turley
Preventing Oxidation of Aluminum Mirrors with Cadmium or Zinc Barrriers

Physics & Astronomy Session #8

Chair: Karine Chesnel
Judge: Karine Chesnel
Judge: Mark Transtrum
Location: JKB 1106
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMMicah ShelleyJohn Colton
Zinc Oxide Sputtering and Optical Properties
10:45 AMAshton BrownLarry Rees
A Novel Neutron Detector with Gamma Detection Capability for Homeland Security Applications
11:00 AMMelissa HallumMichael Joner
A Comparison of the Light Curves for NGC 4151
11:15 AMWill OldroydJani Radebaugh
Modeling a Hidden Population of Iron Meteorites Below the Antarctic Ice
11:30 AMPegah AslaniScott Sommerfeldt
Experimental active control of cylindrical shell using the weighted sum of spatial gradients control metric
11:45 AMMylan CookKent Gee
Coherence-based phase unwrapping for broadband acoustic signals
12:00 PMMichael NelsonLarry Rees
John Ellsworth
Scission neutron detection through the observation of neutron pairs
12:15 PM

Physics & Astronomy Session #9

Chair: J. Ward Moody
Judge: J. Ward Moody
Judge: John Ellsworth
Location: JKB 1107
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMMargaret MilesSteven Turley
Depositing and Testing Reflectance of Aluminum Mirrors in Vacuum
08:30 AMAnna BellNathan Powers
Constructing conceptual models of electric potentials and fields
08:45 AMSpencer WillettDavid Allred
A study of polymer coatings to protect broadband aluminum mirrors from oxidation.
09:00 AMKylie WolfeSteven Turley
Developing a Computer Controlled System for Evaporating Aluminum Thin Films in the Monarch Reflectometer
09:15 AMSean PearceElizabeth Kraczek
Photometric Calibrations of Gemini Images of NGC 6253
09:30 AMJohn ChorakDallin Durfee
How to make a wavemeter for under $100
09:45 AMAlden PackMark Transtrum
Vortex Nucleation in Type II Superconductors
10:00 AMKevin LaughlinRobert Davis
Hierarchical Monolith Scaffolds for Silicon Lithium Ion Battery Electrodes

Physics & Astronomy Session #10

Chair: Richard Vanfleet
Judge: Richard Vanfleet
Judge: Jeannette Lawler
Location: JKB 1107
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMNicholas Van AlfenJ. Ward Moody
Comparing historical and current blazar magnitudes
10:45 AMJoseph ChandlerRoss Spencer
Modeling Ion Sheath Formation in the ICP-MS Using Successive Over-Relaxation
11:00 AMHeather LongstaffJohn Colton
Characterizing Semiconductor Quantum Dots in Apoferritin
11:15 AMMenley StewartKent Gee
Traci Neilsen
Snap, Crackle, Jet Noise
11:30 AMBryce SpencerBryan Peterson
Rotating Wall Confinement of a non-neutral Plasma
11:45 AMEmily SafstenDenise Stephens
Reprocessing of Archival Direct Imaging Data of Herbig Ae/Be Stars
12:00 PMKelli SuccoScott Sommerfeldt
Kent Gee
Traci Neilsen
Use of the phase and amplitude gradient estimation method to improve near-field acoustical holography (NAH) resolution
12:15 PM

Physics & Astronomy Session #11

Chair: Justin Peatross
Judge: Justin Peatross
Judge: Bret Hess
Location: JKB 1108
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMJoseph RowleyRobert Davis
Multilayer Graphene Suspension Over Millimeter Size Openings and Mechanical Testing
08:30 AMKyle LarsenRobert Davis
Modeling of hierarchical x-ray detector windows
08:45 AMStephen HoggBrian Anderson
Detecting Damage in Stainless Steel Using Nonlinear Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy
09:00 AMJacob LivingstonKarine Chesnel
Illumination effects on exchange-bias induced magnetic domain memory
09:15 AMCarson RichardsKarine Chesnel
Imagining the Magnetic Domains of CoPt Thin Films
09:30 AMJoseph LawrenceKent Gee
Tracianne Neilsen
Scott Sommerfeldt
Higher-order estimation of acoustic intensity
09:45 AMTy BeusManuel Berrondo
Decoherence Effects on an Anharmonic Oscilator
10:00 AMEthan Welch
Dallin Durfee
Stabilizing injection locking by using feedback

Physics & Astronomy Session #12

Chair: David Allred
Judge: Michael Ware
Judge: David Allred
Location: JKB 1108
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMSeth ClarkeEric Hintz
H-alpha Monitoring of the Star Field around Cygnus OB2
10:45 AMAlessandro PeregoJohn Colton
Fabrication of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells Using Native and Non-Native Nanocrystals in Ferritin as the Dye
11:00 AMClaire PincockTimothy Leishman
High-Resolution Speech Directivity
11:15 AMAdam EricksonScott Sommerfeldt
Modeling of Helmholtz Resonators for Passive Noise Control
11:30 AML Joseph RivestJ. Ward Moody
David Neilsen
Optical Photometric Evidence for a Binary Black Hole in Mrk 501
11:45 AMDavid BuckleyLarry Rees
Longitudinal Wave Propagation Through a Suspended Slinky
12:00 PMMichael RoseKent Gee
Comparison of intensity estimates for different probe designs and estimation methods
12:15 PM

Statistics Session #1

Chair: Marvin Rust
Judge: William Christensen
Judge: Candace Berrett
Location: JKB 1125
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMD. Alexandra WilliamsCandace Berrett
Data Imputation for Empirical Mode Decomposition
08:30 AMOjastro Todd
Gilbert Fellingham
Data Visualization and Global Well-being
08:45 AMBenjamin Jensen
Gilbert Fellingham
Ranking NFL Quarterbacks in a Bayesian Framework
09:00 AMDean SobczakCandace Berrett
Interactive Visualization of Statistical Analyses
09:15 AMBraden Sharp
Gilbert Fellingham
Finding the Ideal Shot in BYU Women\'s Soccer
09:30 AMChristian DavisMatthew Heaton
Regression Using Spatially Correlated Data
09:45 AMAndrew FlintGilbert Fellingham
BYU Men\'s Soccer: Shot Efficiency by Assist Location and Assist Type
10:00 AMChris BeckettGilbert Fellingham
NBA Injury Database

Statistics Session #2

Chair: Marvin Rust
Judge: Gilbert Fellingham
Judge: Del Scott
Location: JKB 1125
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMJenna Lambourne
Gilbert Fellingham
BYU Women\'s Basketball: Offensive Effectiveness in Using the Shot Clock Wisely
10:45 AMAndrew WiserGilbert Fellingham
Strength Training Effects on Basketball Practice and Game Performance
11:00 AMJames HillGilbert Fellingham
Analysis of First Ball Side Out
11:15 AMMatthew OehlerGilbert Fellingham
Beach Volleyball Team Optimization
11:30 AMTrevor AlderGilbert Fellingham
How Length of Time Played Affects Performance in Tennis
11:45 AMTanner BrothersonGilbert Fellingham
NBA Team Tactic Differences of the Regular Season compared to the Post-Season
12:00 PMHeehoon JungGilbert Fellingham
Track and Field: Data preparation for analysis
12:15 PMMason Blackham
Gilbert Fellingham
BYU Men\'s Basketball Rebound Rating

Statistics Session #3

Chair: Roger Bottomfield
Judge: Garritt Page
Judge: Brad Barney
Location: JKB 1127
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMChris DixonDavid Dahl
Estimating Parameters for the Laplace Distribution
08:30 AMGavin CollinsMatthew Heaton
High‐dimensional, Multi-­resolution Modeling of Areal Temperature Data
08:45 AMMicaela JohnsonBrian Hartman
Two-Parameter Logistic Distribution
09:00 AMBrent MabeyShane Reese
William Christensen
Fitting covariance functions in a Bayesian estimation of Antarctic surface mass balance
09:15 AMMichael VaughnDavid Dahl
Non-Standardized Student\'s t-Distribution
09:30 AMMatthew ZackrisonShannon Tass
Parameter Estimation of the Pareto Distribution
09:45 AM
10:00 AM

Statistics Session #4

Chair: Roger Bottomfield
Judge: Natalie Blades
Judge: Scott Grimshaw
Location: JKB 1127
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMKatie LarsonShane Reese
William Christensen
Antarctic Surface Mass Balance
10:45 AMBenjamin CleggShane Reese
Model Comparison for Roadway Median Installation Analysis
11:00 AMAngela TeuscherDavid Engler
Parameter Estimation of the Levy Distribution
11:15 AMDavid LoweDavid Dahl
Exploring the Negative Binomial Distribution
11:30 AMFloid GilbertDavid Dahl
jsr223: A Simple Interface Between R, Java, and Java-Based Scripting Languages JavaScript, Jython (Python), JRuby (Ruby), and Groovy
11:45 AMSierra PughMatthew Heaton
Estimating Seasonal Onsets and Peaks of Bronchiolitis with Temporally Uncertain Data
12:00 PMDavid ArthurCandace Berrett
An Exploration of Signal Separation Methods for Possibly Dependent Signals
12:15 PM

Statistics Session #5

Chair: Becky Chapman
Judge: Dennis Tolley
Judge: Robert Richardson
Location: JKB 1129
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
08:15 AMBraden KinardWilliam Christensen
Analysis of Republican and Democratic Vote Share Swings in the 2016 Presidential Election
08:30 AMStephen McKechnieCandace Berrett
Human Activity Recognition with Smartphones
08:45 AMKaitlin GibsonMatthew Heaton
Identifying Crash Risk Factors on an Interstate Network
09:00 AMMatt GoodwinShane Reese
Using Bayesian Compressive Sensing to Characterize Nonlinear Chirp Signals
09:15 AMSamuel WoldDennis Tolley
Analysis of the RBI Statistic
09:30 AMNathan BeanDavid Dahl
Modeling the Number of Goals in a FIFA World Cup Match
09:45 AMKevin HiltonMatthew Heaton
A Bayesian GLM to Improve Jazz Shooting
10:00 AMWilliam WhiteGilbert Fellingham
Garritt Page
Evaluating NBA scoring distributions using a finite Bayesian mixture model

Statistics Session #6

Chair: Becky Chapman
Judge: David Engler
Judge: David Dahl
Location: JKB 1129
TimePresentersFaculty AdvisorsAbstract
10:30 AMSean MinerGilbert Fellingham
Determining High Reward - Low Risk Shots in Tennis
10:45 AMDevin EddingtonScott Grimshaw
Principal Component Regression and Gene Analysis
11:00 AMNate GarrettJohn Lawson
Bayesian Hierarchical Model on Car MPG
11:15 AMMadison PhanDavid Engler
Predicting Nu Skin Customer Success
11:30 AMKristina MurriShannon Neeley-Tass
The Relationship Between Happiness and Job Performance Discovered
11:45 AMKaylea DrakeNatalie Blades
An Analysis of Flight Departure Delay
12:00 PMSpencer GalbraithMatthew Heaton
Realignment of Areal Data using Spatial Point Processes
12:15 PMStephen MerrillBrian Hartman
Modelling NBA Player Efficiency