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The Football Team Full of Ph.Ds

The women on Brigham Young University’s faculty flag football team are no slouches on the field or in the classroom. The team includes lawyers, astrophysicists, political scientists and psychologists.

“Most of the people on the team have at least three degrees,” says team captain Denise Stephens, an associate professor in the department of physics and astronomy.

Since forming in 2011, A Lot has been the sole women’s intramurals faculty team, playing opponents an average of 20 years younger on fields at the Provo, Utah, campus. Head coach and associate political science professor Jessica Preece jokes that the team doesn’t score often, but the name is a reminder that, even if they don’t win, they still have great parking.

College of Physical and Mathematical Science faculty involved include Statistics faculty members Candace Berrett and Natalie Blades, Chemistry and Biochemistry faculty members Kara Stowers and Rebecca Sansom, Physics and Astronomy faculty member Denise Stephens and visiting faculty member Elizabeth Jeffery, and Associate Dean Jennifer Nielson.

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