ORCA Grants

ORCA, BYU’s Office of Research and Creative Activities, offers $1,500 grants to help undergraduate students work with faculty in a one-on-one setting to conduct research, field studies, or create unique projects in their discipline. These grants are used to reimburse both students and faculty for time, supplies, and/or other expenses involved with conducting an academic project.

Whether students choose to design their own project or work on a professor’s ongoing research, they must work with a mentor. Students may receive ORCA grants for work they are already doing as a research or teaching assistant.

See the following link for details on applications and procedures.


Deadlines for the 2013-2014 academic year:

  • Aug 26 – Application period begins
  • Oct 31 – ORCA grant proposal deadline
  • Nov 7 – ORCA Mentor endorsement deadline
  • mid Feb – ORCAs announced
  • end Feb – ORCA checks available
  • June 31 — Final reports deadline (Apr 2014 graduates)
  • Dec 31 — Final reports deadline (everyone)