Find an Internship

Where do I find an internship?

Finding the perfect internship for you is all about knowing where to look. Here are some suggestions that have proven effective:

  • Register on BYU's eRecruiting system [see below]
  • Utilize on-line job search sites [see below for a list of various sites]
  • Use your Department Internship Coordinator, department Web site, or department job board
  • Check out the Career Center's job board
  • Talk to faculty within your field of study
  • Research and visit companies you are interested in
  • Turn your current job into an internship and earn university credit
  • Talk to other students who have interned in your field of study
  • Set up informational interviews with professionals
  • Search trade publications, classified ads, and professional association job listings
  • Use your parents, friends, and church contacts
  • Join a student association or club


The following resources will help you in your search for a challenging, rewarding internship experience.


BYU's eRecruiting System lists thousands of internship and career opportunities across the world. To search the listings, go to and create a profile. Then you can search by keyword or by major. If you have questions or difficulties with the system, call Career Center info at (801) 422-8085.

Career Fairs

The university offers both a general career fair and a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) career fair. See this page for current info on the next career fair.

International Internships

The Kennedy Center specializes in working with foreign partners to place BYU students in international internships. If you have always dreamed of traveling but could never identify a good reason for it, this is your opportunity. While these internships are often unpaid, interns gain valuable cultural experience and an increased global view and understanding of how countries interact with each other. This knowledge may prove invaluable for students in any career, whether they must negotiate many cultural interactions or simply interact professionally and confidently with team members.

National Research Laboratories


Alumni Database

The Alumni Database is a large network that allows students to contact those alums who have careers in their area of study. To access this database, students must log into Route Y and click on "Contact Alumni." Before given admission to any contact information, however, students must read provided material and pass a quiz designed to ensure that a student is competent in, and able to negotiate, professional interactions.

Additional Websites

See the following sites for more information: – BYU pays a fee to use this service. Students can access internship listings in a book format by logging in with the following User ID: work and Password: credit. – Browse through available internships – Internships for Math majors – The Washington Seminar is a program that allows students to go to Washington D.C. as interns. – The Navy offers internships through its program called SEEP, often paying for some or all of an intern's schooling. Students who are interested may apply through this Weapons Division site. – The U.S. government offers many opportunities for students to gain experience in various departments.

Career Services Coordinator

Jay Irvine is the Career Services Coordinator for the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences and happily helps students find internship opportunities. For initial guidance and instruction, we encourage you to make an appointment with him by using the following contact information.

Office Hours:
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: 9am-4pm in 270 Clyde Bldg [CB]

Tuesday and Friday: 9am-4pm in 1112 Talmage Building [TMCB]

Phone Number: 801-422-5655 [Call for appointments]