Time to Graduation

We encourage students to take a proactive role in their path to graduation, by wisely planning their time at BYU. The following resources are available to help students create their graduation plans:

  • Your College Advisement Center (in N-181 ESC)
  • Your faculty advisor
  • Major Academic Plans (MAP’s), which include suggested sequences of courses to graduate in 4 years
  • MyMap


In creating your graduation plan, you should be aware of the following:

  • Once students have earned 60 BYU credits, they must have a declared major in order to register for classes.
  • Students will need to petition to change their majors or add minors after they have completed 75 credit hours.
  • Second majors are discouraged.  Those who have legitimate reasons for adding a second major can petition through the Advisement Center.  Second majors are rarely approved if they extend graduation by more than one semester.  A second major cannot be added after a student has completed 75 credit hours.
  • As of Fall 2011, repeating a course will no longer replace an original grade.
  • A student must demonstrate satisfactory academic progress in order to be eligible for federal financial aid.


It is important to remember that as one student extends his or her stay at BYU, another student is unable to be admitted and to participate in the BYU experience.  Therefore, please be mindful of future potential students as you make your own educational plans.