First Name Last Name Department Faculty Advisor Title
KeturahBartlettStatisticsMatt HeatonEstimating Tolerance Thresholds to Characterize Urban Vulnerability to Heat
DevynWoodfieldStatisticsGil FellinghamQuantifying the Probability of a Shot in Women's Collegiate Soccer Through Absorbing Markov Chains
BryanWhitingStatisticsDennis EggettModeling Consumer Overdraft Behavior Using Loss Models
JessicaAlveyStatisticsCandace BerrettMissing Data: Methods of Spatiotemporal Data Imputation for Utah Maximum Temperature
CharlesJohnsonMathematicsJessica PurcellLower volume bounds for twisted torus knots
HughMorganPhysics and AstronomyDavid NeilsenCore Convection, A Driving Mechanism for Gamma Doradus – Delta Scuti Pulsations
AaronHavensStatisticsWilliam ChristensenAccounting for Uncertainties in Alpine Glacier Melt Rate Prediction Factors
TylerHillsMathematicsGreg ConnerAre the Solenoid and Warsawanoid Sharkovskii Spaces?
ClementGaillardPhysics and AstronomyDenise StephensPlanetary Transit Detection Method around Low-mass Stars in the Kepler field
LoganMitchellComputer ScienceTony MartinezInteractive Cluster Refinement
JintaoJiangChemistry and BiochemistrySteve CastleDehydroamino-Acid-Containing Peptides Leading to Improved Drugs
KatelynnJacobsonMathematicsJasbir ChahalApplication of Math in Economics
SabdySantillan AcostaMathematicsJasbir ChahalLinear Algebra in Cryptography
KyleMillerPhysics and AstronomyJohn ColtonElectron spin lifetimes in proton and electron irradiated SiC
BruceChiarelliMathematicsStephen HumphriesAutomorphism Groups of Character Tables
MattRandallGeological SciencesGreg CarlingAttenuation of nitrate and phosphate in Utah Lake wetlands that receive inputs from urban runoff and treated wastewater
ChrisTensmeyerComputer ScienceTony MartinezCONFIRM - Clustering of Noisy Form Images using Robust Metrics
MichaelJensenGeological SciencesEric ChristiansenElement Analysis of Quartz Grains in the Wah Wah Springs Tuff and Granodiorite Intrusion
DaqingYiComputer ScienceMike GoodrichMORRF*: Sampling-Based Multi-Objective Motion Planning
AilinLiChemistry and BiochemistryDaniel AustinMiniaturized Planar Electrode Linear Ion Trap (LIT)
MichaelSmithComputer ScienceTony MartinezOn Facilitating Better Science in Machine Learning
RandallReeseMathematicsStephen HumphriesRandom Walks on Finite Groups
AlexisCottamStatisticsCandace BerrettUnderstanding Storm-Related Trouble Spot Counts using Spatially-Dependent Negative Binomial Models
Scott KennethFergusonStatisticsDavid DahlCluster Analysis Partition Model Abstract
JosephHeydornComputer ScienceTony MartinezAn Improved Classifier Chain Ensemble for Multi-dimensional Classification with Conditional Dependence
PaulaPrestwichMathematics EducationDoug CoreyTeacher and Student Interactions in the Finnish Mathematics Classroom
KylieAndersonMathematics EducationDawn TeuscherStudents' Performance Based on Curriculum
TylerWinieckeMathematics EducationBlake PetersonProblems Faced by Reform Oriented, Novice Mathematics Teachers Utilizing a Traditional Curriculum
NickolasWilsonComputer ScienceKevin SeppiPrototyping Physicomps with Interactive Machine Learning
DeanLeBaronComputer ScienceTony MartinezA Multipurpose Instance Level Cluster Validation Technique
BrianDavisComputer ScienceBill Barrett3D graph cut: Extending min-cut segmentation to handle overlap of cursive handwriting in tabular documents
JordanTaylorComputer ScienceSeth HolladayBuilding Relic Hunter
SamanthaSandersComputer ScienceChristophe Giraud-CarrierInforming the Use of Parameter Optimization Through Metalearning
CarolHerreraMathematicsMichael DorffWhere's Papa John's?! - Improving the Search to Find the Best Pizza
MartinMumfordComputer ScienceDan VenturaChoose-Your-Own-Adventure: Solving the Narrative Paradox
JohnHuntGeological SciencesBart KowallisGeologic mapping in the Lake Mountain 7.5’ Quadrangle
PaulBodilyComputer ScienceMark ClementHeterozygous Genome Assembly via Binary Classification of Homologous Sequence
PeterAndersonComputer ScienceEric MercerFaster Race Detection for Task Parallel Programming Languages
WesleyHauwillerComputer ScienceSeth Holladay3S - Three-State Solution to Simulating Granular Materials
StephenCarronStatisticsGil FellinghamDrop Kicks and Goal Throws in BYU Women's Soccer
BradGeorgeStatisticsGil FellinghamBYU Basketball: Rebounding and Transition Offense
JacobBrewerComputer ScienceChristophe Giraud-CarrierSegmenting Social Media with Active Listeners
WadeEllisChemistry and BiochemistryPaul B. FarnsworthAn effective ambient desorption/ionization source using hydrogen-doped argon as the support gas.
WyattEarnshawComputer ScienceParris Egbert3S - Wildlite BRDF Aquisition and Analytical Representation
KevinBlackComputer ScienceEric RinggerInteractive Machine Assistance: A Case Study in Linking Corpora and Dictionaries
StevePulsipherComputer ScienceChristophe Giraud-CarrierTwitter Humor
EmmaHogganPhysics and AstronomyGrant HartVisualization and Analysis of Landau Damping Simulations
EricSeamanComputer ScienceSeth HolladayLearning Procedural Tools for 3D Animal Meshes
NilsOtterstromPhysics and AstronomyDallin DurfeeFiltered Photodiodes for Laser Spectroscopy
KevinBauerComputer ScienceBill BarrettIntelligent Pen
DerrallHeathComputer ScienceDan VenturaCreating Visual Art by Imagining Image Semantics using Vector Space Models
KenReeseComputer ScienceTom SederbergTechnical Challenges Behind
DavidCoatsStatisticsWilliam ChristensenAnalyzing sea-level change on the east coast with spatiotemporally correlated data
YuHuangComputer ScienceEric MercerDetecting MPI Zero Buer Incompatibility by SMT Encoding
Spring SCullenComputer ScienceMark ClementEpigenetic: Mapping a Cost Matrix
JessieYoungComputer ScienceBill BarrettOne Page Genealogy
DylanDastrupGeological SciencesGreg CarlingThe Impact of Aeolian Dust on Trace Element Chemistry of Snowpack and Runoff
JosephHoehneComputer ScienceMike GoodrichAdverb Palette: an interactive approach to identify the user’s intent in multi-objective path planning
HiroakiNakanoComputer ScienceMike GoodrichGraphical Narrative Interface
JunyilangZhaoMathematicsKenning LuThe random version of a Hartman linearization theorm
GregPhilbrickComputer ScienceBryan MorseColor Relationship Transfer
RachelWebbMathematicsTyler JarvisA Tale of Two Theories: the proof of the Landau-Ginzburg mirror symmetry conjecture
MikeBrodieComputer ScienceTony MartinezAssociation-Based Chain Classifier for Multi-Output Prediction
SkylerSimmonsMathematicsLennard BakkerA Separating Surface for the Collision-based Sitnikov Problem
PhilipWhiteStatisticsChristopher ReeseBayesian Model for Antarctic Water Accumulation
JacobSchliesserChemistry and BiochemistryBrian WoodfieldLattice vacancies and AlO4 tetrahedra in Al doped TiO2 nanoparticles
BhupinderSinghChemistry and BiochemistryMatt LinfordNovel Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) Coatings
RyanRoundyStatisticsShane ReeseUsing Dirichlet Processes to Cluster Subjects With Functional Ankle Instability
AdamKingsleyPhysics and AstronomyDallin DurfeeUsing Intensity Interferometry to Measure a Light Source
LynnaeDespainMathematicsJohn DallonA Mathematical Model of Amoeboid Cell Motion as a Continuous-Time Markov Process
KevinBelnapMathematicsJohn DallonCell-Collagen Interactions in Tissue Formation
NickClawsonComputer ScienceMark ClementPCRDups, a duplicate-removal tool for FASTA and FASTQ files
BenjaminNealyStatisticsShannon Neeley-TassComparison and analysis of Structural MRI atlases
BenGodwinGeological SciencesGreg CarlingLead-210 Geochronology of Jordan River sediments
PatrickAsayChemistry and BiochemistrySteve CastleRimantadine Thiol Synthesis
McKinleyPughPhysics and AstronomyDallin DurfeeUsing Frequency Noise Feedback to Stabilize Extended Cavity Diode Lasers for Use in Atomic Physics
JamesLarsenComputer ScienceTom SederbergOne Page Geneology Spacing Algorithm
NicholasHarrisonPhysics and AstronomyJustin PeatrossExpansion of Laser-Produced Strongly-Coupled Plasma
KomalKediaChemistry and BiochemistrySteve GravesInvestigating mechanisms of preeclampsia by probing low molecular weight (LMW) biomolecules in human placenta using capillary liquid chromatography-quadrupole-orthogonal time-of-flight mass spectrometer (cLC/Q-TOF)
AdamShumwayMathematicsDavid WrightFiedler Vector Tree Decomposition of a Graph
CorinneSaltzmanStatisticsDennis TolleyEuropean Pioneer Mortality Study
CameronVongsawadPhysics and AstronomyKent GeeDevelopment of an acoustics outreach program for the deaf and hard of hearing.
JenniferBickhamMathematicsDenise HalversonProblems with Rigid Foldability in the Symmetric Thick Bird Foot Folding Pattern
CameronOlsenPhysics and AstronomyJohn ColtonManganese Nanoparticle Synthesis in Ferritin
BrandonColtonComputer ScienceChristophe Giraud-CarrierPredicting suicide risk of social media users with machine learning
GabrielPoduskaGeological SciencesBart KowallisGeologic Mapping of Ice Cave Peak Quadrangle, Uintah and Duchesne Counties, Utah with Implications for Laramide Faulting
CourtneyBanksChemistry and BiochemistryJoshua AndersenSOD1 Acetylation and Succinylation
RachelHynesChemistry and BiochemistryJoshua AndersenThe interaction of 14-3-3? and Liprin-?/? leads to breast cancer metastasis
JiewenShenChemistry and BiochemistryDavid V. DeardenBinding Selectivity of Cucurbit[5]uril (CB5) and Substituted Analogs For Cations and Anions in the Gas Phase
AdamJohansonPhysics and AstronomyJ. Ward MoodyRadio Emission Toward Regions of Massive Star Formation in the Large Magellanic Cloud
MukulSonkerChemistry and BiochemistryAdam WoolleyDevelopment of an Electrokinetically Operated Microfluidic Platform for the Analysis of Preterm Birth Biomarkers
ChrisWasdenComputer ScienceBrent AdamsPipeline Refactoring
DarrenTorriePhysics and AstronomyKent GeeLaboratory experiments to validate a phase and gradient estimator method for the calculation of acoustic intensity
MarkBerardiPhysics and AstronomyTim LeishmanUsing the stability of vocal onsets to evaluate vocal effort in response to changing acoustical conditions
OwenCravenGeological SciencesSummer RupperA time series snow accumulation database for Antarctica: a new aid in Antarctic climate studies
JustinJensenComputer ScienceRobert BurtonAnimation of Four-dimensional Objects
JackFullerChemistry and BiochemistryDaniel EssMechanism of Methane Oxidation by Cobalt(III)
KevinWatsonMathematics EducationSteve WilliamsExamining the Effects of College Algebra on Students’ Mathematical Dispositions
CurtisWigingtonComputer ScienceBill BarrettVirtual Pedigree
CarolWiseMathematics EducationKate JohnsonStatus and Positions In the Mathematical Life Stories of Students
DanielWoodburyPhysics and AstronomyScott BergesonDual-Species Ultracold Neutral Plasma
TanisReedComputer ScienceMike GoodrichContinuing Research in Probability Distribution Maps in Search and Rescue
JoelEliasonComputer ScienceSean WarnickConstraints on Partial Network Identifiability
SorahKangStatisticsMatt HeatonSpatio-Temporal Smoothing of Seasonal Bronchiolitis Patterns in the Contiguous United States
JaredMcBrideMathematicsJohn DallonA Mathematical Model for the Movement of Cells Attached by Cadherin Sites
StephenMcKechnieStatisticsWilliam ChristensenTrends in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and Handling Missing Data
JacobBagleyChemistry and BiochemistryMatt LinfordMeasuring Thin Solid Film Stability with Ellipsometry: A More Rigorous Analysis
C.J.BottMathematicsTyler JarvisC-Singularities and Mirror Symmetry
StevenLauzonMathematics EducationSteve WilliamsUnderstanding the Development of Students Proof Schemes
MichaelHarrisComputer ScienceMark ClementPsychlihood: A Network-Based Approximation of Likelihood for Phylogenetic Inference
SamanthaGustafsonChemistry and BiochemistryDaniel EssMechanisms and Reactivity of Thallium(III) Alkane Trifluoroacetoxylation
RyanCheathamComputer ScienceBill BarrettElastic Browser
JaredJayPhysics and AstronomyDavid NeilsenChaos in the Relativistic Three-body Problem
JaredJayMathematicsTyler JarvisSub-Frobenius Algebras in FJRW Theory
MarkoPopovicChemistry and BiochemistryBrian WoodfieldThe Quest for a Classical Thermodynamic Relation between Information and Entropy
Young TaiAhnMathematicsShue-Sum ChowThe Application of Fractional Derivatives to Edge Detection
AlexSafstenPhysics and AstronomyKarine ChesnelMapping Magnetic Memory in [Co/Pd]IrMn Thin Films
TylerJonesPhysics and AstronomyDallin DurfeeMeasuring Laser Wavelength with Photodiode Color Sensors Used in Consumer Electronics
MichaelPearsonPhysics and AstronomyKent GeeRocket Noise Nonlinearity: The Importance of Atmospheric Conditions
GrantMolnarMathematicsPaul Jenkinsongruence relations in modular forms of prime levels greater than 7
KyleMillerPhysics and AstronomyKent GeeQuadspectrum Normalization as a Quantitative Nonlinearity Indicator
ZannAndersonComputer ScienceMike JonesPrint My Run: Bringing GPS Data Back into the Physical World
KevinJohnstonMathematicsStephen HumphriesCurves of Fixed Points
MickeyWarnerStatisticsShane ReeseGaussian Process Modeling of Modern Mass Spectrometry Computer Experimental Data
NathanEyringPhysics and AstronomyTim LeishmanBeyond Lombard: quantitative changes due to noise and reverberation
JessicaLeeteMathematicsJohn DallonModelling Cell Movement
ChrisLoomisMathematicsJohn DallonModeling Chemotaxis of Dictyostelium Discoideum
DJThorntonMathematicsPaul JenkinsCongruences of Coefficients of Modular Forms in Genus Zero Subgroups
ZacharyKnowltonStatisticsGil FellinghamRanking NCAA Football Teams through Expected Points
NathanCordnerMathematicsTyler JarvisIsomorphisms of Landau-Ginzburg B-Models
TaylorPettyMathematicsTodd FisherNonlocally maximal hyperbolic sets for flows
RebecaPaulsenMathematicsStephen HumphriesWCT Mappings of Wallpaper Groups
YingZhangChemistry and BiochemistryBrian WoodfieldContrasting Alkene Hydrogenation Mechanisms for an Ir-Ta Heterobimetallic Catalyst versus an Ir-P Catalyst
KennethLeeChemistry and BiochemistryAdam WoolleyIncreasing Au nanoparticle seeding density and uniformity on DNA origami using two attachment sequences
NathanWohlgemuthMathematicsJohn DallonModeling Dictyostelium discoideum with the Object-Oriented Programming Methodology
NathanWohlgemuthChemistry and BiochemistryDaniel EssDevelopment and Application of a Quasiclassical Molecular Dynamics Program (DynSuite)
BrianOstlerPhysics and AstronomyLarry ReesMeasurement of Room Return Neutrons
KevinCookComputer ScienceKevin SeppiMINS for One-Class Document Classification
YuCaiChemistry and BiochemistrySteve CastleMicrowave-Promoted Tin-Free Iminyl Radical Cyclization with TEMPO Trapping: A Practical Synthesis of 2-Acylpyrroles
AldenPackPhysics and AstronomyMark TranstrumNumerical Approximations of the Time-Dependent Ginzburg-Landau Equations of Superconductivity
KrisAlderComputer ScienceMike GoodrichA Swarming Model for Surveillance and Reconnaissance
JaredWardStatisticsShane ReeseMarathon Pace, Profiling Strategy
IsaacAllredGeological SciencesSam HudsonFluvial architecture and facies distribution of the Cutler Formation within Fisher mini-basin, Paradox basin, Utah: Reservoir modeling of a salt-influenced, source-proximal fluvial system using digital outcrop techniques
AnkurJalanChemistry and BiochemistrySteve CastleSolid-Phase Peptide Synthesis (SPPS) of Bulky-Dehydroamino Acid-Containing Peptides to Assess Their Stabilities to Proteolysis
BrentReichmanPhysics and AstronomyKent GeeQuantitative analysis of a frequency-domain nonlinearity indicator
MasakiFujimotoComputer ScienceMark ClementNucleotide Sequence Comparison and Clustering using Deep Learning
ShiLuoChemistry and BiochemistrySteve CastleThe total synthesis of yaku'amide A
AndrewWhitePhysics and AstronomyMark TranstrumLimitations of Model-Based Experimental Design in Systems Biology
SarahMcKibbenMathematics EducationDoug CoreyUnderstanding Different Sections of the Problem-Posing Stage in Japanese Lessons
EricJohnsonGeological SciencesSummer RupperThe contribution of feedbacks to glacier ablation in the monsoonal Himalayas
IanHenriksenMathematicsEmily EvansEvaluation and Analysis of Unified Extended Splines
AmmonLamMathematicsLennard BakkerAnalyzing the Motion of the Spherical Pendulum through Hamiltonian equations
ScottHeidbrinkComputer ScienceDaniel ZappalaPacket inspection and modification for mobile devices
MatthewMcDowellChemistry and BiochemistryAdam WoolleyDNA origami stabilized with 4"-aminomethyltrioxsalen (AMT) for improved DNA nanowire fabrication
DavidHedgesChemistry and BiochemistryRichard WattMethamphetamine increases dopamine release via reactive oxygen species
DustinNorthrupGeological SciencesJani RadebaughA comparative analysis of yardangs found in the Qaidam Basin of western China
AshleyHuletMathematics EducationDan SiebertStudent Evaluation of Mathematical Explanations in an Inquiry-based Mathematics Classroom
AlexanderShumwayMathematicsMark TranstrumAnalysis of Nonlinearities in Multi-Parameter Models
KaitlynBrowerChemistry and BiochemistryAdam WoolleyFluorescently Labeling and Electrophoretically Separating Preterm Birth Biomarkers on a Microfluidic Lab-on-a-chip Device
MatthewBrownMathematicsTyler JarvisConstructing Generalized Landau-Ginzburg Models
EliseWilsonChemistry and BiochemistryJohn PriceThe use of mass defect to measure protein turnover in vivo
LawrenceBarrettPhysics and AstronomyRobert DavisUltra-High-Capacity Batteries
SamThorpeChemistry and BiochemistryGregory F. BurtonFDC Co-stimulatory Signal Induces HIV Production in Otherwise Latent T-cells
JaneLeeChemistry and BiochemistryJoshua Andersen14-3-3Z and Liprins: What is their Linking Factor?
MariahChambersGeological SciencesBrooks BrittFluvial architecture of exhumed paleochannels in the Brushy Basin Member of the Morrison Formation, Castle Dale, Utah
LoganTathamMathematicsDenise HalversonA Topological Approach to the Existence of Solutions of Calculus of Variations Problems
CameronFaerberStatisticsMatt HeatonParameter Estimation of the Logit-Normal Distribution
LaurenceGlazierComputer ScienceChristophe Giraud-CarrierA Predictive Model of Youth Suicide in Utah
MasonSmithChemistry and BiochemistryJoshua PriceGeneral strategy for enhanced conformational stability of alpha helices
JeremyObornComputer ScienceSeth HolladayMulti-Layered Iterative Snow Simulation for Rams Horn
BrettClarkeMathematicsJohn DallonCell Differentiation in Dictyostelium discoideum
KevinChildersMathematicsDarrin DoudOctahedral extensions with a common cubic subfield
KeatonBaughanStatisticsShannon Neeley-TassBayesian Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Cache County Memory Study
ScottSwingleMathematicsJeff HumpherysGenetic Algorithm Optimization of Othello Artificial Intelligence Programs
AdamBurdettComputer ScienceMark ClementAcute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Regulatory Network
EmmaDallonMathematicsEmily EvansModeling Cell Motion
SergioMendozaChemistry and BiochemistryDaniel EssMechanism of Arene CH Borylation by an FeCu Heterobimetallic Catalyst
ChrisShurtleffGeological SciencesBarry BickmoreUtilizing Electronegativity and Bond Valence to Predict Bond Energy
CatherineKellarMathematicsMichael DorffQuantifying Virtual Pizza: Analysis of Online Reviews
DavidSquiresPhysics and AstronomyJustin PeatrossCan Bohmian Mechanics be Used to Predict Light Emission?
KristinaMurriStatisticsShane ReeseTo Serve or Not To Serve
JacobMortensenStatisticsMatt HeatonUsing Poisson Point Processes to Model 911 Calls
StephenEricksonPhysics and AstronomyJohn ColtonTunable Band Gaps of Nanocrystals Encapsulated by the Protein Ferritin
StephenEricksonMathematicsScott GlasgowSpace-Time Resolved Numerical Simulations of 1-D Quantum Electrodynamics
PrakashAdhikariStatisticsMatt HeatonRisk factors for fatal accidents
ZacJensenPhysics and AstronomyTim LeishmanA multi-point in situ method for measuring the room constant and sound power in a semi-reverberant room
AaronKubosumiChemistry and BiochemistrySteve CastleFormation of Substrates for Iminyl Radical Cyclization
AlexWilliamsComputer ScienceBill BarrettRelative Finder
DerekMillerMathematicsMichael DorffThe Dinner Dilemma: Finding Good Eats with a Customizable Formula
DanielEliasonPhysics and AstronomyBryan PetersonImproving Ion Injection into a Cylindrical Malmberg-Penning Trap
KristopherMilesComputer ScienceEric MercerPhasers And Barrier Synchronization in Habanero Java
ZhiweiMaChemistry and BiochemistrySteve CastleProgress towards the synthesis of yaku'amide A
KevinWilliamsStatisticsShane ReeseNFL Injury Predictive Model
TravisHendershotComputer ScienceKent SeamonsWPA2 Evil Twin - Your WiFi is at Risk
BrandonMcKeonPhysics and AstronomyDavid AllredChemical Vapor Deposition of Silicon Dioxide Thin Films
RachelMessickStatisticsMatt HeatonSpatial Mapping of Soil Water Holding Capacity in Agriculture
M. E.Gold DahlPhysics and AstronomyScott BergesonCharacterization of a partially-stabilized frequency comb
HollyLarsonChemistry and BiochemistryRoger HarrisonBinding Studies of Resorcinarene Molecules Containing Glutamic Acid
JenniferWhitingPhysics and AstronomyTim LeishmanClassroom acoustics for vocal health of elementary school teachers
KylePetersenMathematics EducationDoug CoreyThe Teaching and Learning of Logarithms
CodyAshcroftChemistry and BiochemistryMerritt B. AndrusSynthesis of active compounds against Herpes viruses causing cold sores, genital herpes, and shingles.
LauraOhChemistry and BiochemistryJoshua AndersenTargeting Superoxide Dismutase-1 in Cancer
DustinBroderickChemistry and BiochemistryJames PattersonDetecting Metal Fatigue using Second Harmonic Generation Spectroscopy
WilliamWhiteStatisticsGil FellinghamAggressive vs. Conservative Play in Golf
LotSladeStatisticsDennis TolleyExamining Regularized Regression Methods in fMRI
JohnJensenChemistry and BiochemistryAdam WoolleyFormation of Nanowires Via Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles on DNA Origami Templates
TrevorTuttleGeological SciencesSam HudsonDistribution of Rafted Blocks in the Onion Creek Salt Diapir
KrystalHillMathematics EducationDawn TeuscherTeacher Participation and Motivation in Professional Development
MatthewCaltonPhysics and AstronomyScott SommerfeldtModeling of acoustic resonators and resonator arrays for use in passive noise control
SamuelHickenlooperChemistry and BiochemistryDavid V. DeardenBinding of Perfluorinated Compounds Inside Molecular Cages: Computational and Experimantal Studies
YuanTianChemistry and BiochemistryDaniel AustinMisalignment effect on linear ion trap
MeganSearlesMathematicsMichael DorffA Palate for Pizza: Determining the Best Pizza via Mathematical Modeling
AngelaTeuscherStatisticsWilliam ChristensenQuantifying Extrapolation risk and Identifying Clusters of Outliers
JaredBrabazonGeological SciencesGreg CarlingDifferentiation of Goshen Valley Springs: a possible insight into source waters and flow-pathways
MarcusFinlinsonPhysics and AstronomyRichard VanfleetCNT Growth on Metal and Neural-Implants
TroyJuddStatisticsDel ScottParallelizing MIPF for Application to Larger Data Sets
AlexandraAhernGeological SciencesJani RadebaughLineations on paterae and mountains on Io: Implications for internal stresses
DerekFelliPhysics and AstronomyDenise StephensCircumstellar Dust Shells around Late-type Stars
AlexSafstenMathematicsDenise HalversonSolutions to Nonlinear Extreme Deflection Problems
PauloMachicao TelloChemistry and BiochemistryMatt PetersonSynthesis of Small Molecule Inhibitors of Bone Morphogenetic Protein Receptor 1b (BMPR1b)
AdamWermusComputer ScienceSeth HolladayImplemenging the Parker-Sochacki Method into Physics Based Animation
KeithHaltermanComputer ScienceMike JonesIterative Rapid Prototyping
AdamRogersComputer ScienceRyan FarrellDeep Convolutional Networks for Automated Plankton Classification
DouglasGardnerPhysics and AstronomyDenise StephensSearching for Unresolved Binary Brown Dwarfs in the Hubble Archives
AbrahamFrandsenMathematicsJeff HumpherysDisease Prediction Using Conditional Random Fields
AmberSummersMathematicsDenise HalversonNonsymmetric Thick Folding Dilemmas
KevinLeetePhysics and AstronomyKent GeeEvidence of Mach-like Reflections from Exploding Balloons
KoltenBarfussPhysics and AstronomyMark TranstrumNumerical Simulation of the Ising Model
RadhaNakadeComputer ScienceEric MercerVerification of task parallel programs using computation graphs
RachelGunnMathematics EducationKeith LeathamHow Teachers Use of Student Mathematical Thinking Positions Students Toward Mathematics
Durban G.KeelerGeological SciencesSummer RupperClimate reconstructions of the European Younger Dryas from glacier geometries and extent
JacobShanerChemistry and BiochemistryDavid V. DeardenMolecular Extrusion: Computational and Experimental Studies
JamesAdamsPhysics and AstronomySteve TurleyAutomation of Data Acquisition Devices
SeungHeeYangComputer ScienceKent SeamonsGamified Training for Public Key Encryption
JustinBarnesStatisticsDennis TolleyEstimation of Survial Time for Patients With Spinal Injuries
JessicaHiggsChemistry and BiochemistryDaniel AustinIon Motion within a Toroidal Harmonic Field
SureshKumarChemistry and BiochemistryAdam WoolleyIntegration of solid-phase extraction and microchip electrophoresis in pressure-actuated microfluidic system for preterm birth diagnosis
TayyebehPanahiChemistry and BiochemistryRoger HarrisonSeparation of uremic toxins from urine with resorcinarene-based ion chromatography columns
RachelMarkerStatisticsNatalie BladesMetabolic Dysfunction and Age-related Cognitive Decline
JangYunwooMathematicsShue-Sum ChowModeling of electromagnetic wave propagation in metamaterials using FDTD method
GerritGardnerGeological SciencesSteve NelsonHeavy Metal Contaminant at an Agricultural Property Converting to Residential Use, Tooele, UT
TylerWestoverPhysics and AstronomyJohn EllsworthConstruction and Characterization of a Snap-Together Ion Source
ZachWhiteStatisticsWilliam ChristensenUsing Multiple Regression to Predict BOD Values
AmeliaHenriksenMathematicsTyler JarvisThe Six Degrees of Separation
ElhamVaziripourComputer ScienceDaniel ZappalaName Data Networking security
ShawnAverettChemistry and BiochemistryJames PattersonSurface response of High Density Polyethylene to mechanical loading
SamuelHordPhysics and AstronomyKent GeeThe effect of finite impedance ground reflections on horizontal full-scale rocket motor firings
KaeCeeTerryPhysics and AstronomyJohn EllsworthInvestigating Scission Neutrons
JustinWuComputer ScienceDaniel ZappalaCloudy with a Chance for Rain: the case for a personal cloud
LisaBendallMathematicsTyler JarvisNonabelian Symmetry Groups in Landau-Ginzburg Mirror Symmetry
RebeccaGardnerStatisticsDennis TolleyThe Denumeration Algorithm
BenjaminHilleryComputer ScienceEric MercerExact Heap Representations for Symbolic Execution
StephenJensenComputer ScienceMike JonesA Dictionary for Printed English Text to American Sign Language on a mobile phone
DaneBjorkPhysics and AstronomyMark TranstrumUsing information theory to derive an effective model of the Wnt cell-signaling pathway
JoshuaBodonPhysics and AstronomyTim LeishmanDeveloping a 3-D Acoustic Directivity Measurement System
TravisHoytPhysics and AstronomyTim LeishmanVolume Velocity Estimation For Multiple-Driver Loudspeakers
JamesFletcherPhysics and AstronomyMichael WareSimulating Light Scattered by a Free Electron in an Intense Laser Focus
CharlotteReiningerChemistry and BiochemistryPaul B. FarnsworthAbsolute Number Densities of Helium Metastable Atoms in Helium-Based discharges used as Ambient Desorption/Ionization Sources
GlenChidesterComputer ScienceBill BarrettScanStone
JosephRowleyPhysics and AstronomyRobert DavisSp2 Bonded Carbon in X-ray Detector Windows
NozomuOkudaComputer ScienceEric RinggerThe Machine's Best Choice
BrendenNelsonGeological SciencesRon HarrisMove: A New Application for Visualizing Earth Processes using Interactive Animations
BrianMcDanielComputer ScienceBill BarrettGeneopardy
DouglasWeaverChemistry and BiochemistryRoger HarrisonDetermination of guanidine contaminants from surface water with resorcinarene based ion chromatography columns
JessicaRamseyChemistry and BiochemistryPaul B. FarnsworthEvaluation of the effect of skimmer cone design on ion beam formation in the second vacuum stage of an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer
JacobLeeGeological SciencesBrooks BrittOntogony of Saints and Sinners Fauna
NathanWoodburyComputer ScienceSean WarnickAquaponics as a Feedback System: Modeling an Alternative Food Source
ChrisOlsenPhysics and AstronomyJustin PeatrossSearch for Even Laser Harmonics Generated in Symmetric Atomic Potentials
AndrewLoganMathematicsDenise HalversonThe Steiner problem on Closed Surfaces of Constant Curvature
AlexChanStatisticsBruce SchaaljeUnderstanding the Dynamics of LDS Church Membership Using Stochastic Differential Equations
BlaineHarkerPhysics and AstronomyKent GeeMeasuring correlation lengths in cross-beamforming measurements of military jet noise
TuckerChapmanGeological SciencesGreg CarlingThe Impact of Snake Creek on the Provo River Watershed Chemistry
TyBeusPhysics and AstronomyManuel BerrondoSqueezing of Coherent States for a System with Time Dependent Mass
EthanCookGeological SciencesSam HudsonNear-salt stratal geometries of the Cutler Formation and implications for the evolution of the Onion Creek Diapir, Utah
JeffersonTylerChemistry and BiochemistryDavid MichaelisEnvirnonmentaly Freindly Selective Reductions of Nitroarenes using Iron-Ruthenium Nanoparticles
MichaelTalleyChemistry and BiochemistryDavid MichaelisProduct Selectivity through Heterobimetallic Catalysis
DavidMackayGeological SciencesJani RadebaughA comparison between blocks and ridges on Titan and implications for tectonic and erosional processes
SchuylerGoodmanComputer ScienceEric RinggerThe Topical Guide
StephanieThomasPhysics and AstronomySteve TurleyYttrium Oxide Thin Films in EUV Optics
WinstonHurstComputer ScienceSean WarnickChoosing Good Kernel Functions for Kernel k-means Clustering
MatthewHeydornComputer ScienceRyan FarrellSpecimen Viewer
PaulLawrenceChemistry and BiochemistryJoshua PricePEG-based stabilization of WW depends on the identity of the PEG-protein linker
EricWhitingPhysics and AstronomyKent GeeLocalization and Directivity of Noise Sources in a Rocket Plume
CorbinLewisGeological SciencesJani RadebaughA New Measurement Approach to Determining Sand Dune Width and Spacing Trends in Titan’s Belet Sand Sea
RyjulStokesChemistry and BiochemistryDavid MichaelisCatalytic Potential of Heterobimetallic Complexes
KathleenSmithMathematics EducationKate JohnsonStudent-Athlete Identity Conflict between Football and Mathematics
BenjaminKayChemistry and BiochemistryDaniel EssDensity Functional Calculations Examine the Impact of a Pd-Ti Heterobimetallic Interaction on Catalysis
HannahCheckettsGeological SciencesBarry BickmoreExtension of the bond-valence model in molecular mechanics to predict properties of bonds in molecules containing oxygen.
ScottZylstraGeological SciencesRon Harris?Preliminary Petrologic Analysis? of the Beaver Dam Metamorphic Complex, Southern Utah
DavidYeatesGeological SciencesBarry BickmoreExtension of the bond-valence model in molecular mechanics to predict properties of bonds in molecules containing sulfur and selenium.
AnnaOpenshawChemistry and BiochemistryPaul B. FarnsworthDeveloping DESI as a tool in Kinetic Tissue Imaging
HolliWibergStatisticsGil FellinghamDoes BYU Women's Volleyball Play Down to Their Opponents?
KimberlySowardsGeological SciencesGreg CarlingLocal Meteoric Water Line of Lindon, Utah
EricEvansChemistry and BiochemistryJohn PriceGlycated Proteins and the Synthesis and Degradation of the AGER1 and RAGE proteins
JacobEmbleyPhysics and AstronomyJohn ColtonElectrochemical Analysis of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles in Ferritin
ClarissaEscamillaGeological SciencesEric ChristiansenIs there evidence for delamination as the cause for Colorado Plateau uplift in Utah?
AubreyWrideStatisticsWilliam ChristensenAn Algorithm for Optimizing Water Source Apportionment Using Excitation-Emission Matrix Data
EliMcArthurPhysics and AstronomyDavid NeilsenDetecting the First Supernova in the CMB
ZacharyPribylChemistry and BiochemistryKara StowersThe Preparation of Supported Nickel Catalysts for the Direct Coupling of Ethylene and Carbon Dioxide.
BrentDeardenChemistry and BiochemistryRoger HarrisonMeasurement of Filter Capacity Using Thermogravimetric Analysis and Mass Spectrometry
KadeBishopPhysics and AstronomyScott BergesonProgress towards Ion-cooling in an Ultra-cold Neutral Plasma
TimothyGoodsellGeological SciencesGreg CarlingPotential for water quality impacts due to agriculture and urban runoff in the middle Provo River, Utah
ConnorAndersonComputer ScienceRyan FarrellMulti-Camera Color Calibration for Object Recognition
AnandBernardMathematics EducationDawn TeuscherTeachers' Curricular Reasoning of Geometric Transformations
TakumaAobaChemistry and BiochemistryBarry WillardsonStructural Analysis of the BBSome Core Complex
DerekSorensenMathematicsBenjamin WebbDeriving Properties of Graphs with the Fiedler Vector
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