BYU Devotionals

BYU Devotional // 1 May 2012

“Time: A Precious Commodity; A Finite Resource” by Tom Morris, Department of Geological Sciences
“May we reflect often and prioritize our time,” Morris says. “For time is a precious commodity, a finite resource.”

BYU Devotional // 18 October 2011

“Lessons from Life’s Laboratory” by Gregory F. Burton, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Gregory Burton explains, “There are similarities between how and what we as scientists learn in our laboratories and how and what we as brothers and sisters in the gospel learn from the experiences of our lives.”

BYU Devotional // 30 March 2010

“Scholarship and Faith” by Ross Spencer, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Ross Spencer, physics professor, speaks on how “it is possible to be both professionally excellent and to be a person of faith. . . . Striving for this kind of balance in your life is the best way to live.”

BYU Devotional // 2 June 2009

“The Cycle of Becoming” by Dan Johnson, College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Dan Johnson, assistant dean, speaks on “the cycle of becoming, which describes our progress in this life and, eventually, the kingdom that we’ll choose—one that our Father in Heaven has prepared for us.”

BYU Devotional // 31 March 2009

“The Sacred Gift of Agency” by David Dearden, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
David Dearden, chemistry professor, says, “Not only do we live in a universe with conditions just right for us to exist, but we also live in a universe that is just right in terms of allowing us agency, the ability to make choices that have consequences.”

BYU Devotional // 22 July 2008

“Come Ye and Let Us Walk in the Light of the Lord” by Scott Ritter, Department of Geological Sciences
Scott Ritter discusses “the methods and roles of two complementary sources of truth: revealed knowledge—or what Saint Thomas Aquinas called ‘God’s words’—and discovered knowledge—or the truths that can be and have been derived from intensive study of God’s works.”

BYU Devotional // 6 March 2007

“Precious Precepts of Truth” by William Barrett, Department of Computer Science
Barrett teaches, “It is both the reading and abiding that gets us nearer to God, and that allows us to accept His invitation to come unto Him and be saved because we cannot be saved in ignorance. We cannot receive all that our Father has without understanding all that He is and does. And so we perform the ultimate experiment by planting the seed in our own hearts.”

BYU Devotional // 1 August 2006

“Exactness in Our Discipleship” by Scott Sommerfeldt, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Scott Sommerfeldt says, “As we become more exact in our discipleship of the Savior, there is an impressive power that comes into our lives that aids us in our spiritual growth. As we look at people that we may be acquainted with, as well as individuals in the scriptures, I am sure that we can identify numerous examples representing various levels of commitments in our discipleship.”

BYU Devotional // 13 May 2003

“Doing Business in Babylon” by Dennis Tolley, Department of Statistics
“Before you decide that you are genetically programmed to be a Babylonian scholar or businessman, remember that the good news of the gospel is that your heart—and your premises—can be changed by the Savior,” says Tolley in this address.